Police reports

Steubenville police

Argument: A man told police the ex-boyfriend of the mother of his two children hit him in the head, Friday. He said he was on his phone when the man walked up and punched him, admonishing him that “that’s for talking about my mom” before running to the other side of the street. He told police he wants to press charges against his alleged assailant, who insisted they’d argued but there was no physical altercation.

Problem kids: Callers reported juveniles at the corner of Belleview Boulevard and Lawson Avenue were taunting motorists and making obscene gestures, police said Friday.

Accident: A motorist followed a hit-and-run driver until he stopped at a gas station on the outskirts of Wintersville, Friday. The motorist said he was westbound on Sunset Boulevard when a vehicle pulled out of a parking lot into his lane, striking his front fender and wheel well. Instead of stopping, the other driver kept going. He followed the hit-and-run driver until he was able to obtain his license plate and talked to him, collecting his insurance information taking pictures of damage to both vehicles.

Dirty laundry: A woman in the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue said she and her husband argued about laundry, so Friday she gathered the laundry and went to a laundromat and when she returned, he wouldn’t let her back in the house. Her husband said while they were fighting, she’d told him she wanted a divorce and left with people she didn’t know, and when she returned she was accompanied by a man who threatened him. She asked for two blankets, which he put on the porch for her, but he said he wouldn’t let her back in the house while the other man was there, yelling threats. Police spoke with the couple and eventually the woman was back in the house.

Dog fight: A woman in the 300 block of Madison said her boyfriend threatened her and her dogs, Friday. Police said they found the man packing his belongings to leave.

Don’t get fooled: A Cleveland Avenue resident is out $3,000 after being conned into purchasing gift cards to cover a purported overpayment to a computer antivirus provider, Saturday. The woman said she was notified her antivirus had automatically renewed for $500, and when she called the number in the email for a refund the operator told her they’d refunded too much money and he would lose his job if she didn’t purchase the gift cards and give him the codes. She didn’t check her account balance until after she’d given the scammer the gift card information. She told police she’d also given the man her banking information.

Vandalized: Someone wrote obscenities on the back of a vehicle in the 1900 block of Oregon Avenue, Saturday.

Bye, bye: A vehicle parked in the alley behind Lawson Avenue was towed because it was impeding crews working on the water line replacement project, Friday. Police were unable to locate the owner of the red Ford Ranger, reporting that the residence appeared vacant, the plates on the vehicle were expired and weeds were growing on one side.

On the loose: A dog that wasn’t on a leash got away from a youth walking it and got into a fight with a neighbor’s dog on Ross Park Boulevard, Saturday. The complainant told police he’d been bit during the ruckus but couldn’t say which dog was responsible. The owner of the other dog said his son also was bitten but he wasn’t sure which dog was responsible.

Gone: A salesman at a downtown car lot told police he’d inadvertently let a woman take a vehicle on a test drive without copying her license information, Saturday. The clerk said he was getting nervous because she’d been gone an hour.

Hearing things: Police were given conflicting information by several people in the vicinity of 300 block of Lawson Avenue in regard to a call about shots fired, Friday. A caller reported hearing seven shots fired, but when police checked the area, they were unable to find any victims or casings.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to the owners of properties at 723 Kendall Ave., trash and litter, and 1112 Oak Grove, litter; 740 Kendall, car parts and other household items; 742 Kendall, litter and other household debris.

Served: Adam John Custer, 19, 99A Philips St., Weirton, warrant for assault.

Mingo Junction policea

Cited: Anita J. Blocker, 58, 631 12th St. Northwest, New Philadelphia, driving under suspension, no insurance and assured clear distance; Ashly A. Everhart, 29, 301 McLister Ave., Mingo Junction, operating a vehicle under the influence and failure to control/weaving.


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