Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Brawl: A bar fight involving a patron with a knife was reported in Island Creek township, Sunday. When they arrived on scene deputies said two patrons stepped in front of a cruiser to prevent the officer from pursuing suspects leaving the scene on ATVs. Witnesses said the dispute involved a woman who’d come to the bar with her boyfriend but went out the back door with a UTV owner who’d been hitting on her. They said there was a lot of pushing and yelling when the woman’s boyfriend and his companions followed them out, and claimed the boyfriend sucker-punched the UTV owner and flashed a knife. The boyfriend said he’d pretended to have a knife but did not actually have one.

Located: A 2-year-old who wandered away from her Wayne Township, Bloomingdale, home was found, Saturday. The child’s father said he went inside the house for a moment while the toddler played in the yard and when he emerged, the child was gone. A deputy searching the property heard the child crying from a distance and advised Unionport volunteer firefighters searching on ATVs where to look. They said the child had wandered up a path that led from the family’s driveway to the top of a hill near a pond.

Conflicted: A woman entered her ex-boyfriend’s home in Rayland and caused a disturbance when their juvenile daughter wasn’t there, Sunday. The man told deputies his ex had thrown the girl out so she’d brought her belongings to move in with him, and claims the woman shattered his phone when she found out he’d let their daughter go to a friend’s house. His ex said she hadn’t thrown the girl out of her home but had agreed to let her spend the day with her father, adding that she has rules and the child had been in trouble. She denied breaking anything.

Pointing fingers: A Cadiz woman claimed her soon-to-be ex husband was threatening to shoot people, Monday. She said her ex was threatening to target pickup trucks that look like her boyfriend’s and was worried because “he has more firepower than she knows,” deputies reported. Her ex-husband said they’re getting divorced and she won’t leave him alone, calling his phone constantly. He told deputies she was irate because she found out he’d had a female at his residence the night before, and showed them the call log showing over 100 rejected calls he’d made to his phone between 11 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. She said she’d texted her ex to leave her alone, but she continued calling him because she’d blocked him. Her ex said he needs her out of his life.

Detoxing: The sheriff’s department responded to a call about a naked man going through withdrawal in a residence in Knox Township, Sunday. The caller told police the man was her ex-husband and he was an alcoholic. The man was transported to the hospital by ambulance, they said.

Damaged: An individual reported a family member’s grave was damaged, Saturday. The caller said a juvenile had made multiple threats, including threats to damage the grave. The juvenile was located, admitted to making the threats but denied causing the damage. The juvenile was taken into custody for a probation violation, vandalism and criminal mischief.

Plates stolen: Two separate individuals reported their license plates stolen in separate incidents over the weekend.

Booked: James Lemmon, 37, 436 Murdoch St., Mingo Junction, parole violation, Friday; Taylor Powell, 47, 3253, State Route 152, Dillonvale, charged with sexual battery, Friday.

Ohio State Highway patrol

Booked: James W. Baker, 39, 29 Township Road 281, Lot 12, Steubenville, was taken into custody for failure to appear in municipal court, Sunday.

Steubenville police

Bad move: A North Sixth Street resident told police the rear window of her vehicle was partially shattered, Sunday. The woman believes the culprits to be juveniles who were shooting BB guns the night before, police said.

Gift card scam: A woman on North Fourth Street told police she purchased a vehicle through an app called OfferUp, and was instructed to purchase six $200 eBay cards and give the verification codes to a supposed eBay representative, Sunday. The woman said the seller was supposed to send proof of purchase but hasn’t, and when she called the numbers the seller gave her, she found out her number had been blocked.

Booked: Myron Gibson, 38, 49547 Cherry Valley Road, Cadiz, was taken into custody on bench warrants for failure to appear in District Court 1 and District Court 3, Sunday. He also was cited for driving under suspension.

Played: A disturbance on Euclid Avenue was called in, Sunday. A neighbor said she could hear the woman breaking and throwing things, but when police checked the apartment they said nothing was broken and the female occupant denied throwing or breaking anything. The caller said the woman’s partner had asked her to call police because he feared she was breaking his things.

Booked: Marcus A. Gibbs, 38, 744 Oak Alley, Follansbee, was taken into custody on a charge of falsification, Saturday. Police allege Gibbs gave them a false name and Social Security number multiple times after a traffic stop. The man told police he gave them false information because he thought there might be a warrant for his arrest.


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