Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Disturbance: Deputies were told two intoxicated men on a Polaris Razor refused to leave private property on state Route 213, Steubenville, Sunday. The men were gone when deputies arrived, but officers were able to locate the vehicle nearby. Deputies allege they also found a 9 mm gun and an open beer can on the ground by the Razor, an open bottle of Crown Royal as well as several beer cans inside and a “highly intoxicated” man lying in the yard behind the complainant’s fence who they said was unable to answer questions. The gun, which had seven rounds in the magazine but none in the chamber, was seized. Deputies were able to track down the other man, a Canton resident, who advised the two of them had been riding around on the Razor all day, drinking. He said they’d gone to the complainant’s residence because his friend used to live there, but when the owner asked them to leave his friend didn’t respond. He said he tried numerous times to get the other man to leave but he ignored him, so he finally walked to a nearby store and called his girlfriend for a ride. The operator of the Razor, Anthony Grafton, 29, 17068 state Route 213, Toronto, was charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

Out of it: Callers reported a man and woman passed out in their car, at a gas pump, with a toddler in the back seat, Saturday. Store employees told the officers they’d tried to awaken the two of them, but they were unresponsive, and when they saw the child in the back seat they called 911. A Wells township officer who was first on scene said both of them “rapidly exited the vehicle” when he arrived. The male approached him but the woman walked into the store, locking herself in the restroom for several minutes and refusing to leave. The man said they’d gone to the methadone clinic in Brilliant but denied any other drug usage, claiming they fell asleep at the gas pumps because they’d been up late at a casino and were tired. Officers said surveillance footage suggests the two was unresponsive for approximately 20 minutes. The child was turned over to its grandmother.

Money maker: An Amsterdam shop owner said a former employee has been double- and triple-dipping on paychecks, Sunday. The store owner said the woman only earned three paychecks during the four or five weeks she worked at the business, but had cashed one of them twice and another, three times.

Steubenville police

Desperate: A man was taken to the hospital via ambulance for an injury to his hand, Sunday. The man said he’d argued with a female and as she pulled away, her vehicle struck him. When they located the woman, she told them the man had asked her to get him cigarettes, and after she gave them to him, he stood at her car window asking about her love life and wanting to rekindle their relationship. She said she asked him to let go, but he refused so she started to drive off slowly. When he still wouldn’t let go of the window, she told police she sped up because he’d been violent with her in the past.

Cited: Nicole Wise, 49, 1130 Lincoln Ave., Apt. D, Steubenville, dog at large; Wise told police her dog “accidentally” ran out the door and attacked a dog on a leash, Sunday. The woman who was walking her dog said it ran out and grabbed her dog by the neck so she kicked at it. Wise was involved in a similar situation in November, police said.

Holding on: A man in the 400 block of S. Sixth Street told police his girlfriend kicked him out, dumping his belongings into the yard, but keeping his debit and EBT cards, Monday.

Recorded: A N. Seventh Street resident told police she shot video of someone looking in her window, but when they looked at the footage they said all they saw were her curtains, Monday. Police said the woman’s speech was slurred and she was having difficulty walking, and they could smell alcohol on her.

Some friend: A Cleveland Avenue resident said $940 was missing from his residence when he got up, Sunday. He said he’d allowed a friend to stay overnight, and when he woke up the friend and the money were gone.


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