Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Stressed: An Amsterdam woman asked deputies to get her daughter’s boyfriend out of her house, Sunday. She said the three of them had been living there amicably until her other daughter, who also had dated the man for a time, was released from jail and now all the two of them do is fight. The man had established residency so he couldn’t be forced to leave, but when they talked to him, he said he was willing to move out as long he could take his belongings. He told deputies the female has done nothing but cause trouble for the family since her release.

Appearances: A caller reported seeing a woman overdosing in the Rayland area, April 8. Deputies said the woman was awake when they arrived on scene and told them she was just napping and didn’t need medical attention. They said she didn’t appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and when a deputy located a blue bag containing five pills in the driveway, she denied knowing anything about them.

Keyed up: A Richmond-area resident said his girlfriend’s uncle was refusing to leave his residence, April 9. The uncle told them he came over to get his house key from his adult niece but her boyfriend wouldn’t let her give it to him, so they argued, The boyfriend eventually threw the key out a window.

Argument: A Bergholz area woman said her son’s girlfriend ran into him with her truck, Sunday. The mother said she’d let them move in with her after they were evicted from the girl’s apartment, but all they do is “fight all day long.” She said they argued and when the female got in her truck to leave Sunday her son stepped out to stop her and she “slightly struck” him, then pulled back in the driveway and continued the argument. The male refused to go to the hospital. Deputies told the girlfriend his mother wanted her to find somewhere else to live.

Hung up: A Richmond area resident called 911 and hung up, Sunday. Deputies following up on the call located a family member who told deputies the man lives in her home and “drinks alcohol from the time he wakes up until he passes out.” When they talked to the caller, deputies said it was apparent he was highly intoxicated and he denied calling 911. He told deputies “he thinks he only had a few 12-packs, that’s it” but refused to be evaluated by first providers.

Promises, promises: A Richmond area woman told deputies she needs her live-in boyfriend to move out, April 10. She told deputies the two of them have been having troubles for the past few years and their relationship hit a breaking point that day, and when she tried to leave for work, he tried repeatedly to take her car keys and grabbed her so she couldn’t go. He eventually told the officer he was leaving for the night “and was done with her.”

Bad break: A woman living at a Wintersville apartment complex told deputies two people were breaking into her apartment and removing furnishings, Sunday. The intruders turned out to be the woman whose name is on the lease and a roommate who are moving out, leaving behind two other females who’d moved in a few months ago and had nowhere to go. The tenant said they’d been having issues with the two newcomers, and the landlord said they were in the process of being evicted. Deputies said the woman who leased the property kicked in the door and broke the lock, adding they had to return to the property later in the day because the two newcomers allegedly returned with two males “and started threatening people.”

Yelling: An Island Creek township resident said a neighbor tried to run her juvenile son down while he was on his bike, Sunday. She said her son moved to the side of the road to allow the car to pass but the driver swerved at him, yelling something as he passed. When the child asked the driver what he said, he and his brother said the man started waving his arms like he wanted to fight. The man didn’t come to the door when deputies went to his residence.

Gift card scam: A Wintersville woman was bilked out of $1,000 by a man claiming to be a police officer in Texas who told her a car registered in her name had been found, wrecked, with drugs and blood inside in Texas, April 9. She said the man told her he suspected identify theft and transferred her to another man who told her she’d need to put money on gift cards or he would issue a warrant for her arrest. The woman purchased two, $500 gift cards and gave the numbers to the man, who’d stayed on the phone with her.

Schooled: A woman now staying in Jefferson County was advised she needs to get her children enrolled in school, April 9. Deputies were asked to check on the family because the children had been reported truant from a school in another county for 60 days. The mother told deputies she and her fiancé were breaking up and she’d moved in with family on a temporary basis, adding that since she doesn’t know where they’re going to end up, she hadn’t enrolled them in another school. The mother agreed to “get the kids in school and caught up” with their classwork or face charges.

Taken: The owner of a tree service said several hydraulic hoses were taken and wiring on his log crane cut, Saturday. The man said the equipment was in place before he gave his employees an Easter break, but he received a call from the property owner on April 7 about a man being on the site working on his equipment. The witness described the individual and his vehicle, deputies said.

Not convinced: A Mingo Junction woman reported a green 2010 Honda TRX420 she’d bought for a family member was missing and another individual was trying to pass off another 4-wheeler as hers, Saturday. The vehicle, which she paid $3,600 for, had been stored in a neighbor’s shed, which she said wasn’t damaged. She told deputies she doesn’t believe the vehicle that was brought to her was the one she’d purchased because it had been spray-painted and the key she had for the ATV she purchased didn’t fit. Deputies said the ignition wiring appeared to have been taped and placed in the ATV and said some green paint remained, though all the markings had been removed so ownership can’t be proven.

Puzzled: A Rayland-area resident said she was sitting on her porch when an individual she knew and his girlfriend came up and started yelling at her to stay away from them or they would assault her, Sunday. The woman said she hadn’t left her property and has no idea what the two of them were talking about.

Fold: A Salem township resident told deputies a friend had invited her over to play cards and his girlfriend reacted badly, fighting with her, Sunday. The caller said they got in a fight, but she was gone when deputies arrived. The other woman accused them of trying to take her money, but it was located under a porch.

Assault: A Jefferson County woman told police her husband was beating her, Sunday. The woman said she woke up to find her husband choking her and punched her in the back. Deputies were unable to locate the man.

Found: A pastor at a church in the Wintersville area found a backpack containing narcotics behind a dumpster, Saturday.

Unruly: A juvenile was charged with domestic violence and resisting arrest after a family member reported he was intoxicated and tearing up the residence, Saturday. The youth thought someone had slipped a narcotic into something he was drinking, but after they arranged for another family member to take him to the hospital to be checked he allegedly became belligerent, breaking items, cursing deputies and refusing to do as he was advised.

Booked: Hank W. Berry, 32, Jewett, probation violation, Saturday; Joseph F. Gaito, 41, Rayland, failure to appear (pending), Saturday.

Steubenville police

A breaking and entering was reported in the 800 block of Rosswell Avenue, Sunday. The property owner said a padlock was removed, along with numerous tools including a DeWalt battery-operated saws-all and grinder, an electrical heat gun, a tool box with specialty tools and sockets, a large welder and an argon gas tank.

Booked: James Louis Clinton, 44, 247 Cedar Ave., Steubenville, charged with petty theft, Sunday. Clinton allegedly tried to leave Walmart after paying only $8 for merchandise worth more than $800. Store personnel claimed Clinton scanned a few items and pretended to scan others, bagging all of them.


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