Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Dispute: A man said his ex-girlfriend walked into his home uninvited, Wednesday. He told deputies his ex keeps coming back to get her belongings but never takes them all so she has a reason to come back even though they broke up in February. His sister said he heard the ex banging on her brother’s door and told her to leave the property, and claims she called 911 after the ex told two males waiting in her car to “get her” and then threatened to burn their house down with them in it. The ex-girlfriend claims the sister punched her in the face without provocation. Deputies said the ex had a small mark on her face but the sister’s hands weren’t swollen or red. The ex was advised to get a court order before she returns to the property.

Overstayed: The owner of a bar on state Route 213 told deputies a woman was causing problems and wouldn’t leave, Wednesday. He said the woman had been there with family until they got in an argument and left, and after they were gone, she started causing problems with other customers. When he told her to leave, he said she refused, insisting she hadn’t done anything wrong. The woman was advised she needed to leave when asked.

Injury: A Wintersville woman complained to deputies that her 7-year-old son injured his leg when he was knocked to the ground while playing football with a 9-year-old, Monday.

Steubenville police

Found: The manager of a fast food restaurant on Sunset Boulevard said a customer found a .22 five-shot pocket revolver in the rear vestibule, Wednesday.

In sight: Police spotted an uncapped hypodermic needle and a glass pipe with burnt chore-boy next to a man sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue with the door open, Wednesday.

Concerning: Police responded to the 600 block of Highland Avenue for reports of shots fired, Wednesday. Individuals in the vicinity advised officers that they heard gunshots near the areas of N. Fifth and Clinton streets, but they were unable to locate any casings.

Damaging: A Welday Avenue resident said her neighbors do a burn-out when they start their car and it’s throwing gravel on her car, chipping the paint, Wednesday.

Nowhere to go: A man sleeping in his car at Jim Woods Park told police he’s homeless and was just resting until morning came.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to the person responsible for properties at 333 S. Fourth St., grass; 329 S. Fourth St., grass.

Cited: Craig A. Smith, 44, 130 Pembroke Road, Steubenville, red light violation; a juvenile involved in a two-car accident in the 300 block of North Court St., driving on a temporary permit without a licensed driver.

Served: Delbert R. Hall, 60, 2 Cross St., Wheeling, came on station to be served with a warrant for failure to appear, Wednesday.

Booked: John Palmer, 29, 329 Logan Ave. Chester, possession of drug paraphernalia, Wednesday.

Wintersville police

Booked: Paul Dodd, 40, 1012 Hukill St., Brilliant, probation violation, Wednesday.

Ohio State Highway patrol

Booked: Timothy Hildrebrand, 55, Steubenville, violating a protection order, Wednesday.


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