Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Too much to drink: Deputies responded to a residence in Mount Pleasant Township for an intoxicated man causing a disturbance, Saturday. The caller said the man had punched a hole in a bathroom door and “went crazy” after getting a call from “his girlfriend in jail.” Deputies said when they got there the man was outside the residence, screaming and resisting efforts to pat him down, and had a cut on his forearm that kept them from cuffing him. A female in the residence advised deputies the man had yelled at her “for not helping around the house” so she yelled back and then got in the shower, claiming the man broke the door and began yelling at her. She told deputies she went to her bedroom but he followed, and when he started to assault her, she grabbed a steak knife and cut him to make him stop. Deputies said they observed bruises and abrasions on her. A male who was present told the deputy everyone had been outside drinking around a fire when the other two started arguing. He said when the female went to shower, he observed the man in question yelling at her through the bathroom window and said he heard a commotion, then saw the man tackle her.

Make believe: A man told deputies he saw children running around holding hypodermic needles and claimed there were drugs in the bathroom when he was at the residence in Cross Creek township the day before, Sunday. Deputies said the man, who sounded “highly intoxicated,” told them he didn’t call them Saturday when he allegedly saw the behavior because he “was too drunk to call.” Deputies said the residence in question was cluttered but clean and they didn’t see any evidence of drugs. Witnesses told deputies the man had been thrown out of the home Saturday when he started causing a problem with the homeowner, and said the last time he’d fought with her he’d tried to run her over with his car.

Booked: Jason M. Sandy, 39, 330 Liberty St., Dillonvale, was taken into custody on charges of assault and disorderly conduct while intoxicated, Sunday.

Steubenville police

Keep away: A woman in the 100 block of Keagler Drive told police her drunken live-in boyfriend threw a grill against the house and a large can of Twisted Tea at her, hitting her in the back of her neck, Sunday. The man fled, but she told police she wants the him out of her home permanently. Officers said he tried calling the woman while they were there but hung up when they answered her phone.

Check out time: A woman in the 1500 block of Oregon Avenue told police she wants her live-in boyfriend to move out, Sunday. The woman told officers they’d been arguing about bills and “relationship complications” and said she’s ready for him to leave. Police said the man had lived there long enough to establish residency so she’ll have to have him evicted through the courts. The man told police he has nowhere else to go and didn’t want to leave.

Booked: Troy M. Wade, 31, 1526 Orchard St., Steubenville, was charged with domestic violence, Sunday. Wade allegedly hit a woman and shoved her near the Lawson Avenue overpass. He denied striking her, claiming he’d grabbed at $100 she had taken without his permission and she pushed away from him. Police said the woman had a visible injury on her neck and blood on her chest but she did not want to file charges against him, so they filed them on her behalf.

Bad break: A North Seventh Street resident told police her ex-girlfriend had taken her car and refused to return it, Sunday. She said they’d been in an argument and didn’t realize her keys and the car were missing until later, telling police her ex had demanded she send her $1,000 via a cash app to cover money she’d put into the vehicle’s repair. Soon after, the ex contacted police to ask that they supervise a property exchange, turning over the car keys, car, title and registration for the vehicle and then retrieving her belongings from the residence.

Booked: William L. Stevens, 29, 144 Edgington Lane, Wheeling, was charged with domestic violence, Sunday. Callers reported a disturbance at a residence in the 100 block of North Fourth Street, advising police they heard what sounded like a physical altercation. The resident, who police said was visibly shaking and upset, told them McKinney showed up at her door without being invited and she didn’t want him there, but she was afraid she would be evicted if he caused problems so she let him in. Once inside, she claimed he shoved her to the ground and choked her. She did not want to pursue charges, though she told police she is afraid of Stevens, who told police he came to the apartment because the female said she was alone. He claims there was no violence, but officers informed him they were filing charges against him.

Booked: Robert Eugene Kersey, 46, and Dena Marie Kersey, 51, both of 302 S. 3rd St., Toronto, were charged with theft, Sunday. Walmart personnel told police they spotted the couple bagging items without attempting to scan them, even though a clerk went over to them and advised them to stop.

Summons: Shadea L. Stevenson, 35, 506 Grandview Ave., Steubenville, was issued a summons to appear in court for failure to appear, Sunday.

Mingo Junction police

Charged: Anna M. Clark, 33, 802 Fourth St., Steubenville, possession of a controlled substance, a drug abuse instrument and drug paraphernalia, April 7.

Charged: Robin S. Turner, 74, 1419 Hukill St., Brilliant, violation of protective order and voyeurism, April 8.

Cited: Tiden H. Hess, 18, 3824 Lindberg Way, Weirton, speeding and failure to assure clear distance.

Toronto police

Booked: Frank Fulton, 19, 913 Biltmore Ave., Toronto, charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, Saturday; Julia Scott, 19, 901 Bank St., Apt. 28, Toronto, possession of drugs, Sunday;

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Booked: Raymond Miller Jr., 41, 1900 Belleau St., Pittsburgh, taken into custody for failure to appear, Sunday; Thomas Dillon Jr., 35, 117 First Ave., Yorkville, charged with two counts of operating a vehicle under the influence, possession of drugs, failure to control and failure to renew, Sunday.


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