Police reports

Steubenville police

Shots fired: A bullet shattered a glass door and lodged in the living room of a residence in the 600 block of Carnegie Street, Steubenville police reported Sunday morning. Officers said they were able to “back-trace” the bullet’s path to a garage at the southeast corner of Carnegie and Oregon, where they found six silver 9 mm shell casings. On Friday, police had responded to reports of multiple shots fired in the 1500 block of Oregon but were unable to locate any signs of a disturbance. Callers also reported hearing shots fired at Carnegie and Wellesley Avenue around 11 p.m. Saturday, but when officers checked the area, they were unable to locate anything out of place.

Bad move: A customer unhappy with his service at a Sunset Boulevard business told employees he was going to return with a gun and “burn the store down,” Friday. The man was gone before police arrived, but the manager said it’s not the first time the customer has made statements like that and he wanted police to be aware.

Pill box: A suitcase containing what appears to be several thousand suspected Xanax tablets was found in a storage unit, Friday.

First impressions: Callers reported a highly intoxicated, bald, male screaming in the street on Brondus Avenue, Friday.

On the loose: A woman wandering Johnson Road in a hospital gown told police she’d been released from the hospital and was waiting for a friend to pick her up, Saturday. The woman said she is from Pittsburgh had been transported to the hospital for a medical issue, so she was stranded without clothes or a phone.

Bad move: A female backed into the car behind her in the Wendy’s drive-through, got her food then left the scene, Saturday. The driver of the vehicle that was struck said the woman had dropped her money and when she backed up to retrieve it, bumped his car. He said the female acknowledged the mishap but drove off, but he had a photo of her license plate.

Big bite: A Steubenville resident told police he was walking in the 600 block of North Seventh St., when a black pitbull bit him in the stomach, Friday. He said he punched the dog several times, so it let go of him and ran off. Police said he had an obvious dog bite on the left side of his stomach.

Attack: A dog attacked a female walking her dog in the 500 block of Pine Valley Drive, Friday. Police said the victim had her terrier on a leash as she walked past a home in the 500 block when a Boxer-Mastiff mix wearing a shock collar spotted her dog and ran after them, attacking her dog. While trying to protect her dog, the walker was bitten and scratched, and also injured her index finger. She said she also was knocked down and possibly hit her head on the road. The owner of the other dog said she sent a shock to her dog as it gave chase but it did not seem to have any effect. The dog walker had to be taken to Trinity to be checked and her dog had injuries to its belly and back.

Overstays welcome: A woman in the 700 block of North Seventh Street told police she needed help getting her ex out of her apartment, Friday. Police said she told them she allowed the man to visit, but he refused to leave. Police told the man he was no longer welcome in the residence.

Robbed: A woman house sitting for a family member who was away discovered a basement door had been kicked in, Friday. Police were able to review security footage showing two men breaking in around 5 a.m. and pilfering items, including three flat screen tv’s, from the residence.

Booked: Zachary M. George, 34, 1617 Moreland Drive, Steubenville, theft and petit theft. George was also cited for driving on a permit only. The wife of an off-duty Cross Creek township officer allegedly spotted George taking a license plate off a red Subaru parked at the mall and putting it on his GMC Envoy.

Cited: James A. West, 37, 1244 Ridge Ave., Steubenville, dog at large. Caller reported two pit bulls running loose that had already attacked someone, but the victim was gone when police arrived. They were able to locate the owner, who found the dogs in an alley and was able to leash them.


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