Police reports

Brooke County sheriff

Arrested: Joseph W. Spurrier, 30, Steubenville, driving under the influence and while suspended (administrative) and parking in a prohibited area, May 6. Spurrier’s vehicle was struck by another near while he was parked in the merge area between U.S. Route 22 and state Route 2 near Weirton at about 2:10 p.m., causing traffic on the highway to be delayed. Sheriff’s deputies said Spurrier told them he stopped because his vehicle was leaking oil. It was the second incident within the last month of someone parking a vehicle in that area, though the first one wasn’t struck.

Arrested: Aaron L. Ensminger, 38, 4247 Eldersville Road, brandishing a deadly weapon, trespassing while armed and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a residence, May 12. According to police reports, sheriff’s deputies heard from a witness who said Ensminger tried to enter his vehicle near St. John’s Cemetery and Eldersville Road, a resident who said Ensminger attempted to enter his home while bearing a gun and screaming someone was after him and another who heard shots fired outside his home. Unusual behavior by Ensminger has led to a psychiatric evaluation being ordered.

Arrested: Dallas W. Goddard III, 29, 159 Megan Drive East, Wellsburg, and Brianna R. Mitchell, 28, 77 Peak Road Loop, Wellsburg, both for possession of a controlled substance and obstructing an officer, May 11.

Arrested: Barbara J. Long, 53, 106 Spring St., Follansbee, driving under the influence, Friday.

Arrested: Julie R. Davis, 25, Triadelphia, W.Va., expired registration and inspection and no insurance, Monday.

Jefferson County sheriff

Booked: Michael A. Deaner, 33, 47 township Road 311, Wolf Run, charged with burglary and assault pending, Friday. Deaner allegedly entered a neighbor’s residence in search of items he claimed belonged to him that his ex-girlfriend had hidden and assaulted the neighbor, who said he was struck in the ear, back of his head and back. Deaner claimed the other man entered the room while he was inside his home and became confrontational, pulling out a knife and hitting him in the head with a metal bar. Deputies noted he didn’t have any apparent injuries, and said Deaner told them it was because he was wearing a baseball hat and face mask.

Give and take: A Wintersville woman said her live-in punched her in the forehead, and he told police she threw a can of tea at him, Monday. The couple said they’d been arguing over things the female had told her best friend that he viewed as disrespecting him. Neither wanted to press charges.

Blowhard: A Richmond resident told deputies he was going to punch his neighbor because when the man mows his grass he blows the cut grass into his yard, Monday. The man also complained that he kicked up a rock that struck his girlfriend in the leg. Deputies responding to the call said the man smelled of alcohol. He told them he was irritated because his neighbor mows the grass toward his property, and said if the problem continued, he was going to go next door and hit the neighbor in the face. The neighbor told deputies he’s been cutting grass the same way for years and it’s never been a problem.

Booked: George Johnson, 39, 1333 Oregon Ave., Steubenville, two counts failure to comply, resisting arrest, trafficking in drugs, possession of drugs, driving under suspension and obstruction of official business, Monday; Joni Farmer, 47, Neffs, failure to appear, Monday.

Fired up: Mount Pleasant firefighters reported a Dillonvale man being “unruly on the scene of a nuisance fire” on township Road 104, Sunday. Deputies said when they got there, the man was being “very hostile” and said he didn’t know he wasn’t allowed to burn from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The man was informed if he continued to cause problems and irritate firefighters, he will be charged.

Confrontation: A Steubenville motorist told deputies he was driving on state Route 213 when a man standing near the road yelled at him to slow down and threw something at his vehicle, Tuesday. The driver said he turned around and went back to confront the man, and told deputies he was not speeding even though it sounds like he is because he has a loud exhaust on his car. Deputies said the other man told them he’s tired of people speeding on the road and insists he didn’t throw anything at the car, although he did hold a block like he was going to. The driver was advised not to turn around and confront people, and the landowner was told he shouldn’t be threatening to throw things at passing cars.

Neutral corners: A Wintersville man who tried to break up a fight at a bar on state Route 213 says he got hit in the face so he knocked one of the men to the ground, Wednesday.

Missing: A Yorkville man said someone who was at his home took a money bag with $300 in cash and his bank deposit book, Tuesday.

Missing: A Rayland woman discovered her Smith & Wesson 643 was missing and believed a family member took it, Wednesday.

A lie and a scam: Deputies said scammers are now pitching “amber alert” kits to the unwary, Tuesday. A Steubenville-area woman told police she was contacted by a woman about three months ago and agreed to get kits for her great-grandkids, but they never arrived. The victim said the female caller asked for dates of birth and an address for both kids and said the kits would be mailed out, but she never received anything. A few weeks ago another woman called the woman to apologize because the kits were never mailed out because of COVID and tried sell her life insurance for the children but she hung up. A third woman called Tuesday telling the victim she needed to fingerprint her great-grandchildren, but the woman refused to do it and told them they could keep the kits. Deputies said the amber alert scam is aimed at getting vital information about children because of their clear credit records. The victim was advised to have the children’s mother run their credit reports to ensure no new accounts or inquiries were made.

Booked: Michael Andrew Arthurs, 28, 946 Neville St., Follansbee, failure to appear, Tuesday; Natasha Marie Sall, 36, 86419 Skit Road, Jewett, probation violation, Tuesday.

Steubenville police

Taking a breather: A Market Street resident told police her boyfriend was “putting an air freshener up his nose,” Monday. The woman told police she didn’t notice any change in his behavior, but she wanted him to get help because she didn’t think snorting air freshener was “normal.” He was gone when police arrived.

Spotted: Witnesses reported seeing a black Ford F-150 hit a parked car in the Trinity West lot, Monday. The parked vehicle, a Nissan Rouge, had heavy damage to the front passenger side bumper, police said. The witness recorded the license plate of the hit-and-skip vehicle, which police said did come back to a black Ford F-150. The owner was not answering their calls, police said.

Accident: A woman crashed her Ford Focus into the guardrail on South Fourth Street at South Sixth Street, but told police she wasn’t sure how, Monday. Police said the woman had a head injury, so she was taken to Trinity West for evaluation. During an inventory of the vehicle’s contents before it was towed, police reported finding a glass crack pipe with burnt chore on the driver’s side floorboard. The driver will be cited for failure to control and issued a summons for possession of drug paraphernalia, police said.

Bad line: Callers complained of a dog continuously barking in the 2500 block of Chestnut Street, Monday. The dog’s owner claimed the animal “must have gotten out of the house somehow by accident.”

Downed: A man was found lying face-down in a parking lot at Washington and Fifth streets, Monday. A friend said the man had been smoking something but was reluctant to offer more information. Paramedics said they had to give the man three doses of Narcan to resuscitate him.

Accused: A woman in the 300 block of South Fourth Street said an older male with “bushy” hair driving a white panel van kept stopping at her garage sale, claiming her boyfriend had stolen items inside the residence, Monday.

Lathered: A man at a car wash in the 2500 block of Sunset Boulevard said a blue minivan with several people inside blocked him in and threatened his life, Monday. He said he wasn’t sure why they did it, but the minivan was gone when police arrived.

Stolen: Someone cut the copper piping from the basement of a residence in the 600 block of Ohio Street, Monday.

Taken: A resident in the 1200 block of Oak Grove said someone stole her air conditioning unit, Monday.

Booked: Victoria G. Neely, 31, 261 Clifton Ave., Mingo Junction, bench warrant and possession of a drug abuse instrument, a hypodermic needle, Monday.

Cited: Myron D. Harton, 32, 706 N. 5th St., Steubenville, speeding; Kacie L. Crawford,30, 4178 County Road 15, Rayland, failure to signal.

Code issues: A notice of violation was sent to the owner of property at 1319 Euclid Ave., high grass.

Booked: Toni Rae Westfall, 40, 11158 Fort Ashley Road, Keyser, criminal trespass, Monday. Police said after Westfall was banned from emergency shelters in the city, she told them she needed medical treatment and was taken to Trinity West for evaluation. Later in the shift, the hospital’s security team told police they needed Westfall to leave the property, but she wouldn’t leave unless police agreed to take her home to Keyser. Police told her they couldn’t take her outside the city. She allegedly continued to insist she wouldn’t leave the hospital and was charged with criminal trespass.

Booked: Michael Pyles, 33, 145 West 45th St., Shadyside, possession of drugs and conveyance, Monday.

Accident: A driver who stopped at University and North Seventh for a traffic signal said he was rear-ended by a woman driving a Pontiac G6 who fled the scene, but not before he got a picture of her license plate, Tuesday. Identifying information was recovered from the scene. When police went to the residence, the woman and car were not there.

Booked: Norman Dejuan Brown, 43, 361 Summit Ave., Steubenville, failure to appear, Tuesday. Police said they stopped the vehicle Brown was driving after a random registration check showed the tags came back to a gold Cadillac and he was driving a black Ford F-150. Brown told them his plates were expired and someone told him it was “acceptable” to put plates from another vehicle on his, police said. Brown also was cited for driving under suspension.

Chase: A caller reported seeing a male wearing a red shirt chasing a female near Ohio Street, Tuesday. The caller said the man might be armed with a knife. Police said they searched the area but were unable to locate anyone matching the description given.

Attempted theft: A red-haired woman wearing a yellow shirt and black converse shoes tried to leave Kroger with food items and flowers valued at $214, Tuesday. Store managers said the woman walked past all points of sale, and when she was asked for her receipt took off running. Police said they were able to identify the woman.

Trashy: Someone threw bagged trash and an old magazine into the dumpster outside a Sunset Boulevard business, Tuesday. The incident was caught on video and police were able to pay the individual a visit, thanks to the address on the magazine label. She was advised to stop using dumpsters to dispose of her trash.

Cited: Bryon Pyles, 35, 488388 Sloans Run Road, St. Clairsville, driving under suspension; Dean C. Mitchell, 60, 2865 Wilson Ave., Mingo Junction, assured clear distance ahead and leaving the scene of an accident.

Code issues: A notice of violation was sent to the owner of property at 239 Hollywood Boulevard, 1432 Euclid Ave., 1411 Wellesley Ave., 1326 Arlington Ave., 1407 Oregon Ave., 1246 Ridge Ave., 1304 Ridge Ave., 1411 Ridge Ave., 1436 Ridge Ave., 1348 Oak Grove Ave., 617 North Fifth St.

Booked: Gary E. Stump, 48, 625 Grandview Ave., Steubenville, OVI and leaving the scene of an accident, Tuesday.

Wells township police

Booked: Mary Taylor, 38, 120 Harrison Ave., Cadiz, failure to appear and possession of drugs (pending), Monday; Christopher Cesario, 27, 96 Eileen St., Rayland, possession of drug paraphernalia and burglary, Tuesday.


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