Police reports

Steubenville police

Disagreement: A Kendall Avenue resident cleaning out a property he owns on Park Street said a neighbor accused him of throwing a large cinder block onto his property and suggested a brick might mysteriously break his window, Tuesday. Based on the weathering and debris build up, police said the cinder block appeared to have been on the neighbor’s property for years and also said the neighbor was “very confrontational,” expressing disapproval that his neighbor was cleaning the property out and planning to rent it. He admitted the brick could have been there for some time because he hadn’t been outside in months, but refused to make amends “and only antagonized the situation by continuing to swear and state that (his neighbor’s) wife was ugly.”

Bully: An Adams Street resident told police she was assaulted by her boyfriend of two years, Tuesday. The woman, who was visibly upset and intoxicated, said the landlord had given her boyfriend the boot at the beginning of the month but he returned. A witness said he knocked her to the ground, then entered the apartment. The witness could hear yelling and fighting inside and began knocking on the door and when it opened, she said the man threw his body into his girlfriend’s, “causing her to hit the wall and began poking her in the face” before fleeing.

Heard: Callers reported hearing as many as four shots in the 1600 block of Ridge Avenue, Tuesday. Officers said they checked the area but couldn’t locate any signs of trouble.

Relationship trouble: A Sherman Avenue resident told police her boyfriend of two years has her MacBook and wouldn’t give it back to her, Tuesday. He said he looked in the house and couldn’t find it, and the two of them told police they’d like to figure out a peaceful resolution so there wouldn’t be any more fighting.

Bikers: Police said a juvenile riding his bike down Washington Street hill at a high rate of speed turned north onto Fifth Street into oncoming traffic, nearly getting hit, Tuesday. The youth crashed his bicycle but said he was OK and told police he was trying to get home, police said. They said they took the youth and his bike home and explained to his mother he shouldn’t be riding the bicycle in the street.

Booked: Sasha M. Sims, 36, 1139 Oak Grove Ave., Steubenville, warrant for assault, Tuesday. Sims also was cited for failure to signal and no operator’s license.

Cited: Rickey L. Noviski Jr., 43, 1217 Pennsylvania Ave., Steubenville, open container. Novisky was walking on Pennsylvania Avenue with a beverage container he admitted contained alcohol, police said.

Jefferson County sheriff

Unsettling: A woman who referred a coworker’s ex-boyfriend to a pastor for guidance told deputies Wednesday the coworker has been harassing her ever since. She said the woman’s ex came to her seeking help, so she recommended he talk to a member of the clergy but since then the other woman has acted as if the two of them are sleeping together which they aren’t. She said his ex-girlfriend has been harassing her on social media and has been messaging people they are with, but always from a fake account. She said the woman has threatened to damage her property and sent her a package containing what appeared to be human feces mailed from a P.O. box in Pennsylvania.

Disturbing: A Wintersville woman said a neighbor began videoing her after her 9-year-old son bumped his wind chime, Wednesday. She said the man came out of his apartment and confronted her son but refused to tell her what the problem was, choosing instead to get his phone out and start recording. She said he followed her back to her apartment in his car and drove past several times, holding his phone out the window to video. The man said he’s had trouble with children hitting his wind chimes and other lawn ornaments in the past, so management posted flyers stating parents would be held responsible for damage. He showed deputies a collection of photos he’s taken of parking issues and other things around the apartment complex that he considers concerning.


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