Police reports

Toronto police

Charged: James D. Shannon Jr., 35, 414 Sixth St., trespassing, probation violation and misuse of credit cards; Richard Dillon, 50, 2214 township Road 246, driving while suspended and fictitious registration; Marlon D. Stubblefield, 27, 511 North Fifth St., failure to control and leaving the scene of an accident; Teresa D. Strovalis, 47, 2616 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville, stop sign violation; Shawn E. Cain, 38, 310 Canterbury Blvd., Steubenville, failure to yield; Scott C. Puskarich, 50, 1018 Trenton St., failure to reinstate license; Ashley M. Crowe, 30, 1023 Trenton St., parole violation; and Ashlei Berdine, 29, 1023 Trenton St., parole violation.

Jefferson County sheriff

Charged: An officer checking on a car parked in a church parking lot with the driver’s side door open and hazard lights blinking discovered a male in the back seat “cleaning up,” Wednesday. Justin Nicholson, 32, 183 Meadow Road, Wintersville, was charged with two counts of possession of drugs after the deputy allegedly spotted a pill bottle with no label filled with pills, including alprazolam (Xanax) and another, with a label suggesting it contained Subutex but, instead, contained more Xanax. In all, deputies reported seizing 106 mg of Xanax, 40 mg of Adderall and 30 mg of OxyContin. Supplies for passing urine and saliva-based drug tests were also found in the car, they said.

Charged: Andre Rashaun Sims, 26, 3241 West St, Weirton, has been charged with domestic violence and aggravated burglary after he allegedly forced his way into his ex-girlfriend’s house in the 100 block of Elm Street, Steubenville, Monday. Deputies said Sims showed up at the woman’s rental, demanding his belongings. She told him she’d put them on the porch for him to retrieve later, but he started kicking her front door, then walked around the side of the house and pushed the air conditioning unit through the window so he could climb in. Once inside, she said he began “physically fighting” her, at which point she fled into the bathroom. She said she closed the door but he forced it open, knocking her into the tub and onto the floor, then grabbed her and shook her, telling her, “You made me do this.” Deputies said she had red marks on her neck and arm, and decorations and door molding were broken

Names: An Irondale woman who filed for divorce said her soon-to-be ex husband threw snow on her and called her disgusting names, Tuesday. She said she wanted to shovel snow from around her vehicle and he wouldn’t give her keys to the garage, so a friend brought her a shovel. While she was shoveling the snow, she said her estranged husband came out of the house they still share and began yelling at her and calling her degrading names, then started throwing snow on her vehicle and her, so she threw her shovel down and went in the house to call for help. She said he followed her in, yelling at her and screaming offensive terms the whole time. She said she and her kids are afraid to be under the same roof with him but he refuses to leave. The husband claimed he was shoveling snow when she started yelling at him for dumping it in the roadway and started shoveling it in his truck, sparking the argument, and told deputies she threw her shovel at his truck and scratched it.

Flip side: A woman whose windshield was shattered outside her ex’s home in Richmond Jan. 10 told deputies it was her ex who fired the weapon and broke it, not her. She told deputies he was standing on his porch, “flipping out on her” and walked up to her car and smashed the glass as she tried to leave. She said she had a video of him hitting her windshield. A mutual friend who was present told her to leave because “authorities are tired of coming there.” The man had claimed she’d hit a deer and cracked it herself, and claimed they’d struggled for control of an AR-15 she’d grabbed off his kitchen table. She said the man has a meth addiction.

Stolen: A man remodeling his Island Creek township residence said he returned to find someone had pried the front door open and stolen his Dewault cordless power tools, Tuesday. Stolen were a cordless sawsall, a 1/4-inch impact gun, a 2/8-inch impact gun, a cordless XR hammer drill, a cordless drill, 2AH batteries, a 4AH battery a 6AH battery, and a 60v Max battery.

Steubenville police

Assault: A man covered in blood told them he was assaulted inside Fort Steuben Apartments, Tuesday. Police said the victim told them he was attacked on the second floor. They said he had a large laceration on the top of his head and his left eye was swollen shut.

Sticky situation: A cat got its head stuck in a fence on Wellesley Avenue near Carnegie, Tuesday. Officers freed the cat, which they said was not injured.

Border line: A woman in the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue who has a protection order against a neighbor said she has video of him walking on her property, dancing in front of her front porch, Monday. Police observed footprints from his porch to the front of her property. She was advised to forward the video to police so it can be viewed by the prosecutor for consideration of charges.

Phone fight: A Dresden Avenue resident and her boyfriend were fighting over a phone, Monday. She said he wouldn’t give it back. Police said they don’t get involved in property disputes and advised her to ask for it back, so she asked them to escort her to his residence. He returned it.

Skipping school: Three juveniles were caught in an abandoned building in the 200 block of South Fourth Street when they were supposed to be at school, Tuesday.

Stolen: A Taurus 9mm handgun was stolen from a residence in the 1000 block of Oakgrove Avenue, Tuesday. No forced entry was observed.


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