Police Reports

Jefferson County Sheriff

Arrested: A Wellsville man was booked into the Jefferson County jail on a rape charge, Thursday. Joshua Jackson, 33, 923 Wood St., was charged with sexual battery and unlawful sexual conduct in addition to rape, deputies said.

Boxed out: In an ongoing neighborhood dispute, a Dillonvale woman reported her neighbor took her mailbox off its post and put it on her front porch, Wednesday. The neighbor said he built his mailbox stand and because hers was falling apart, offered to put it on his but told deputies he’s tired of her walking to her mailbox and yelling at him so he’s withdrawing permission to use his post. Deputies told him the post office wants the mailboxes at that location so even if hers isn’t on his post, it’s still going to be next to it. He was fine with that, telling deputies he’s not going to do her any favors. He agreed to put it back on the post for a week to allow her to get her own post. The woman wasn’t happy because she wanted him arrested on federal charges of tampering with the mail, but deputies told her she’s responsible for providing her own post and she has a week to get one. They said she “was not happy with the situation and advised she was contacting the U.S. Postal Inspector in the morning.”

No recourse: A county resident wanted his stepdaughter’s boyfriend thrown out of his house, Thursday. He told deputies the girl, 18, had locked herself in her room with the 33-year-old man, even though he’d banned him from his house. He said the boyfriend “had recently been in jail and has a history of drug abuse” and refused to leave when he’d asked him. Deputies told him his only recourse would be a protection order if he feels threatened or he could go to court to evict the stepdaughter, who’s been living in his house for a few months and has established residency.

Sober up: A Cross Creek township woman reported a dispute with her husband, and told deputies they’d both been drinking, Thursday.

She said when they returned from the bar they were both “very intoxicated,” and started arguing. Her husband spit rice in her hair so she told him she was calling the police. He went to the garage and she followed through with her threat “just to show (him) she would call police,” but told deputies nothing physical had happened, she was not injured and didn’t want to pursue charges.

Lucky: A man overdosed at an Island Creek township residence, Thursday. Deputies said when they arrived, his face and neck were blue and his breathing shallow and labored, and friends were throwing water on his face trying to revive him.

His companions said he’d snorted heroin and Xanax. One officer administered a sternum rub and the other gave him two doses of Narcan until the rescue squad arrived to render first aid, but he refused to go to the hospital. Officers noted it’s not the first time the man has overdosed and two of his companions were on parole.

Sobering: A Wintersville woman told deputies she and her live-in boyfriend were involved n some sort of altercation, Thursday. Her boyfriend said nothing had happened, but deputies pointed out his shirt was ripped from the neckline down his back and to his left sleeve.

The caller told them the man had grabbed her and otherwise “laid hands” on her, and had some redness and abrasions on her arm. Both of them had been drinking and showed signs of intoxication, deputies said.

The woman said she just wanted her boyfriend to leave for the evening, and he agreed to go to a friend’s house down the street for the night. Deputies warned both of them if they had to return, they’d both end up in jail for domestic violence.

False alarm: An area resident reported his girlfriend was being held against her will, June 26, then called back and said to disregard his call because she “must have been kidding and he took it as serious,” deputies said. They reached out to his girlfriend who said she wasn’t in danger, but they told her they’d have to see her face-to-face to confirm she was safe. She told deputies she was just trying to get home when her friend’s car broke down and she couldn’t find another ride. She said she wasn’t sure why her boyfriend would say she had been kidnapped.

Ripped off: Thieves stole several deep cycle batteries and a large amount of grounding wire from an Encino Energy well paid in the Richmond area, Thursday. Padlocks to both gates had been cut and batteries removed from the surveillance camera towers.

Booked: Edward Dumron, 34, 537 Lincoln Blvd., contempt, Thursday.

Steubenville Police

Lousy neighbor: Granard Parkway residents discovered a neighbor had plugged his extension cord into their outdoor outlet and was using it to do yard work, Thursday. The homeowner said his wife unplugged the cord to pinpoint the culprit.

Drugs: A caller reported someone down behind Maryland Market, but when they arrived firefighters said a member of the public had already given the woman Narcan and then she left on foot, Thursday.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to the owners/occupants of properties at 300 Maxwell Ave., litter, tires and other junk piled in front and back of residence; 314 Lawson Ave., household trash and junk; 742 Kendall Ave., junk, garbage and litter piled on property and high grass/weeds; 1611 Pennsylvania Ave., garbage bags and cardboard boxes piled on the side and household garbage scattered in alley; also at 1213 Plum St., 441 Scenic Drive, 502 Lawson Ave., 1533 Euclid Ave., 1535 Euclid Ave., 1320 Ridge Ave., 328 S. Commercial St., 1402 Belleview Blvd., 2510 Sunset Blvd., 261 Lovers Lane, 1412 Orchard St. and 1329 W. Adams St., all for high grass and weeds.

Repeater: A possible overdose was reported on Broadway Boulevard, Thursday. Firefighters revived the man with Narcan, and once he was conscious, he told police he’d taken half of a blue pill he thought was Xanax. He was given his second drug overdose form.

Nothing amiss: An anonymous caller reported three shots had been fired on Maryland Avenue, but after checking the area and speaking with people in the vicinity, police said they didn’t locate any evidence of guns being fired nor had anyone else reported hearing shots.

Booked: Brooke Heilman, 29, 210 Maplewood Drive, Steubenville, bench warrants for failure to appear and parole violation, Thursday. Police said the warrants were out of Jefferson County and Columbus.

Good Samaritan: A woman who’d been at the concert at Berkman Amphitheater turned in a wallet she found on the sidewalk, Thursday. Police tried to reach the man but the number they had does not work.

Cited: Kathleen Rooney, Kingsburg, Calif., overtime parking; Jacorey D. Culley, 25, 106 Findley St., Toronto, DUS.

Stay away: A man was seen at the marina assaulting a woman through the driver’s side window of a blue minivan while she was trying to get away, Thursday. The woman fled in the van and couldn’t be located. The man took off before police arrived.

Served, cited: Ronald Grimes, 43, 305 Central St., Hopedale, was booked into the Jefferson County jail for failure to appear on an assault charge out of Erie, Pa. The driver of the car he was riding in, Glenn Pethtel, 64, 415 Union Ave., Steubenville, was cited for DUS and display of plates.

Booked: Robert Jordan, 44, 11748 state Route 213, Toronto, was charged with possession of cocaine, Thursday. Police allege they found .31 grams of cocaine stuffed in the glove compartment when they did a consent search of a car they’d pulled over at the intersection of Woodlawn Road and Brady Avenue for a loud exhaust. The driver, Charles McLaughlin, 25, 303 Porter St., New Cumberland, was cited for the noise violation.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Michael Tennant, 52, 809 LaBelle St., Brilliant, OVI and possession of drugs, Thursday.


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