Hancock board approves personnel moves

NEW CUMBERLAND — With the 2017-18 school year nearing, the Hancock County Board of Education approved several assignments and transfers at its Aug. 14 meeting.

Among the teachers approved were Paula Heagy as Related Arts (career awareness and exploration) teacher at Weir Middle School, Kathleen Nail as a multi-category/Autism teacher at Weirton Elementary, Candice Dotson as a Business Education teacher at Weir High School and Gina Reitter as a Biology/Physical Science teacher at Oak Glen High School.

Heagy, who holds a bachelor’s degree, has the most experience with 35 years, while Reitter holds a master’s degree with 10 years experience and Nail a master’s with four years experience. Dotson has a bachelor’s degree with no experience, and her hiring is pending certification.

On the sports end at Weir High, approved were Justin Horstman as a girls’ volleyball assistant, Paige Dalrymple as a girls’ soccer assistant, and Melissa McLain as a cheerleading assistant. The Dalrymple and McLain hirings are also pending certification.

Also approved was Theresa Veltri as class advisor for Weir High’s Class of 2017.

Meanwhile, a total of 11 transfers were approved by the board, with two for certified personnel and the remaining nine in classified.

The certified personnel transfers were for countywide substitute teacher Deanna Williams, and for Danielle Mauro, the latter of whom had previously been placed on the reduction-in-force list. Williams will now serve as an Embedded English teacher at John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center pending certification, while Mauro will serve as a multi-category/Autism-BIC teacher at Weirton Elementary.

The nine classified transfers were for Allison Elementary custodians Bonnie Wiley and Mark Sabbato, Allison Elementary secretary Alissa Altomare, aide/countywide substitute Stephanie Suttinger, Weir Middle custodian Lacie Springer, transportation department bus driver Joslyn Rick, substitute bus driver Carey Cutright, and Pam Miller and Mary Leah Clark, both also off the RIF list.

Willey will remain at Allison Elementary, but will now serve as secretary. Sabbato will now serve as custodian at Oak Glen Middle School, Altomare will handle secretary duties at the central kitchen, Suttinger will now serve as a secretary at Weir High and Springer will handle custodial duties at Allison Elementary.

Cutright will now serve as a bus operator for 5.75 hours a day for 200 days, while Risk will switch to a different bus for the same hours and contracted amount of days.

As for those previously on the RIF list, Miller and Clark will serve as supervisory aides/Autism mentors at Weirton Elementary, with the initial placement in the K-4 classrooms, to which they will serve for seven hours a day for 200 days.

Among the countywide substitutes approved were bus operator Penny Gomola; cooks Patricia Burgess, Shana Adams and Beth Freas; and custodians Carolyn Puskarich, Roger Ingram Jr. and Robert D. Ball. Adams, Freas, and Ingram hirings are pending favorable fingerprint results.

Puskarich, who was also on the RIF list, was initially considered in the transfer list to serve as Allison Elementary, but had been scratched at the time of the vote.

In addition, six resignations were approved by the board, which were of Oak Glen High masque and sword advisor Keri Everhart effective July 10, Weir Middle School Math teacher Bria Cross effective Aug. 1, Oak Glen High wrestling assistant Frank Crain effective Aug. 1, Oak Glen High English teacher Lissa Anthony effective Aug. 2, Weir High Class of 2020 advisor Carrie Rine effective Aug. 2, and Weirton Elementary Special Education teacher Shawna Phillips effective Aug. 13.

Crain’s resignation was due to a transfer in assignment, while Cross sought other employment, and the others were for personal reasons.

In other business:

• The board approved a motion for Hancock County Savings Bank to be held and firmly bond unto the board of Hancock County to the sum of $1 million. This measure was approved with a 4-0 vote. Board member Caroll Rosenlieb, who serves as the bank’s senior vice president of lending, abstained.

• Several salary scales were approved and pertained to professional and service personnel. Among them were professional salary schedule, administrative pay supplement schedule, principal pay supplement schedule, extra-duty pay scale, co-curricular and extracurricular related to coaching, supplemental salaries, substitute teacher pay scales, and service salary schedules for full time and half time personnel.

• The board approved the purchase of three 2018 Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2 school buses, two of which hold 77 passengers, and the third to hold 53 passengers. The three buses purchased met all of the state and federal minimum requirements for school bus construction, and will cost $281,947.

• Four agreements were approved by the board, which included a field base/clinical agreement for student teaching for the upcoming school year with Franciscan University of Steubenville, a memorandum of understanding with the Hancock County 911 Center. and two separate MOUs with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services and the West Virginia Department of Education.

• Meal prices for the school district for the upcoming school year were approved, with three changes made. Middle/high school breakfast will now cost $1.75, a five-cent increase from last year; elementary school lunches also increased five cents to $1.90; and middle/high school lunches are now $2, an increase of 10 cents. Prices for elementary school breakfast ($1.70), reduced breakfast (30 cents), second breakfast ($3.35), reduced lunch (40 cents), second lunch ($4.45), adult breakfast ($3.35), and adult lunch ($4.45) remain the same as last year.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. Aug. 28 at the John D. Rockefeller IV Center.

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