Bethany talks comprehensive plan

BETHANY — The Bethany Town Council met Wednesday in the Bethany Community Center, located at 326 Church St., to discuss some upcoming events and activities in the college town.

The agenda included a discussion on a revision of the comprehensive plan.

“Every 10 years we are required to update it,” said Mayor Patrick Sutherland.

The comprehensive plan addresses community goals such as public learning, quality of life and transportation.

“We were told by the state that we were the first fourth-class city to do a comprehensive plan,” noted Sutherland.

Cities of less than 10,000 in population constitute cities of the fourth class.

“A professor of statistics does the stats for the plan, which includes both students and community members,” Sutherland said. “We are a small town, but we are very active in our community.”

Sutherland said for about the past decade, council members have also purposefully tried to go to as many county meetings as possible.

“We want to be active in the wider community as well,” he said.

In other business before the council, the Beta Theta Pi foundation donated a $3,000 grant to the town of Bethany and $4,000 to the fire department.

“That is really helpful to a small town like Bethany,” Sutherland said.

Moreover, the board submitted a seven-page written proposal to the secretary of transportation, Tom Smith, to have side streets repaved.

“Bethany has 14 side streets and 12 are owned by the state,” explained Sutherland.

Last on the agenda, was a discussion on a position opening.

The Bethany Town Council has an opening for town treasurer, and Sutherland said all inquiries should be sent to P. O. Box U, Bethany, WV, 26032.