Brooke commissioners approve hiring of police officer

WELLSBURG –The Brooke County Commission, Tuesday, approved a measure hiring a current Follansbee police officer to be the county’s newest sheriff’s deputy.

Effective April 1, Follansbee Officer Megan Himmelrick will begin her employment as a deputy with the Brooke County Sheriff’s Department. She will continue to serve in the post of prevention resource officer at Brooke Intermediate North.

In August, the Brooke County Sheriff’s Department and Follansbee Police made an agreement which enabled both Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Robertson and Himmelrick to serve as prevention resource officers at Brooke High School and Brooke Intermediate North, formerly known as Jefferson Primary School.

Prevention resource officers serve as liaisons between law enforcement agencies and schools, particularly students, and are trained in responding to various crises.

Himmelrick will be hired on as full-time.

“We still have a lot of work to do to get people hired and trained,” said Brooke County Sheriff Larry Palmer. “It just doesn’t happen in a day, so bear with us.”

The Brooke County Board of Education voted Monday to use up to $450,000 from the county school levy funds for five prevention resource officers for the 2019-2020 school year.

Other matters discussed Tuesday regarding the sheriff’s department included its website which is now up and running.

Citizens can now search staff, employment opportunities, sheriff sales and more at

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