Oak Glen High School holds awards program

NEW MANCHESTER — Oak Glen High School held its annual awards program Wednesday in the school field house, recognizing students for their accomplishments.

Principal David Smith presented awards to the Highest Honor students of the Class of 2019. The Highest Honor students are Connor Blake, Jackson Chaney, Aidan Hall, Rileigh Hooker, Baylee Jones, Maggie Kovalcik, Chloe Molish, Kristina Neely, Kennedy Quinlan, Jilian Reardon, Tia Rhodes, Marina Rohbeck, Cristal Tetrault, Graci Tice, Hanna Tice and Jennifer Weltner.

Smith presented the Cleda Marie Fitzjohn Memorial Music Award to Alex Staub and the Shawnee State University Scholarship to Nicholas Franczek.

Joe BiBartolomeo recognized the students who received the Promise Scholarship, including Hanna Tice, Preston Howard, Tia Rhodes, Kristina Neely, Nicholas Garmire, Melena Mueller, Chloe Molish, Rileigh Hooker, Baylee Jones, Jaimie Behanna, Jilian Reardon, Aidan Hall, Connor Blake, Austin Alexander, Sierra Lonkert, Zachary Alley, Blake Almo, Kennedy Quinlan, Jackson Chaney, Jay Aloria, Kiera Carson, Marina Rohbeck, Nicholas Franczek and Graci Tice.

Joe Wakim, a representative from West Liberty University, gave the West Liberty University Scholarships to Jilian Reardon, Tia Rhodes and Baylee Jones.

Donna Gialluco presented the West Virginia University scholarships to Connor Blake, Kennedy Quinlan, Marina Rohbeck, Hunter Skeeles, Wyatt Wiley, Austin Alexander, Jay Aloria, Aidan Hall, Rileigh Hooker, Preston Howard, Melena Mueller, Cristal Tetrault, Graci Tice, Hanna Tice, Jackson Chaney, Chloe Molish, Kristina Neely and Nicholas Garmire.

The Fairmont State University Scholarships were presented to Preston Howard, Sean Smith, Kiera Carson, Sierra Lonkert and Jackson Chaney.

Edson Arneault also presented the OG Touchdown Club Scholarship to Logan Meadows.

On behalf of the trustees of the Mary E. Watson Trust Fund, John Brenneman presented scholarships to Nicholas Garmire and Annalise Murphy. Mary E. Watson was a resident of this area who was interested in education. The Mary E. Watson Trust Fund was set up in her honor.

Cindy Nelson presented the Lynn Simmons Memorial Scholarship to Aidan Hall.

In memory of the late Lt. Col. Mark C. McGeehan, the McGeehan family sponsors a memorial scholarship which is given to the “most dedicated senior student athlete at Oak Glen High School.” Madison Juszczak and Jodie Juszczak presented this award to Connor Blake.

Deputy Brian Cunningham awarded the Stephen F Kourpas Memorial Scholarships to Graci Tice and Hanna Tice. The scholarship is awarded to students who are residents of Chester and who plan to further their education following graduation. Cunningham also presented the Fraternal Order of Police Scholarship to Jilian Reardon.

The American Legion Post 121 Scholarships were given by Mary Thorn to Aidan Hall and Wyatt Wiley.

Randy Elliott presented the Sons of the American Legion Quadrun 121 Scholarship to Wyatt Wiley. Elliott also presented the Lions Club Scholar of the Month Awards to Chloe Molish, Alex Staub, Connor Blake, Aidan Hall, Maggie Kovalcik, Graci Tice, Hanna Tice, Kennedy Quinlan and Rieleigh Hooker.

Bradely Deihl presented the Marine Corp Awards to Connor Blake, Nathan Atkinson, Chloe Molish and Alex Staub.

The Tony Ruszkowski/Never Alone Scholarship was presented to Baylee Jones by Pat Newley.

The Matt Salsbury Wrestling Scholarship to Shawn Moore.

Scott Wiley presented the Hancock Employees Federal Credit Union Scholarships to Maggie Kovalcik and Wyatt Wiley.

Carolyn Allison presented the Point Pleasant Ladies Aide Society Scholarship to Alex Staub.

Melissa Reed presented the OG Band Boosters Scholarship to Marina Rohbeck.

Frank Crain presented the OG Soccer Boosters Scholarship to Nicholas Garmire.

Crain also presented athletic awards.

Smith presented the West Virginia Wesleyan Scholarship to Maggie Kovalcik, the Waynesburg Scholarships to Sean Smith and Ethan Travis and the Okey Sayre Memorial Scholarship to Sierra Lonkert.

The Jim Dunn Memorial Scholarship was presented to Kellen Tropeck.

The Serra Family Foundation Scholarship was presented to Graci Tice, on behalf of the Serra Family.

Sherrie Garner presented the Bethany College Scholarship to Julian Lamb and the Weirton Rotary Club scholarship to Chloe Molish.

The Weirton Medical Center Scholarships were given to Graci Tice and Hanna Tice.

The Chester Newell Sportsman Club Scholarship was presented to Kristina Neely.

The Charles M. Pugliese & Thelma M. Pugliese Scholarships were presented to Shawn Moore, Hunter Skeeles and Wyatt Wiley. This scholarship is awarded to seniors with a 3.0 GPA or above.

Oak Glen High School has received a bequest from Charles Linn Troop and his sister Martha Troop, in memory of their parents John and Lida Troop. The John & Lida Troop Scholarship was presented to Marina Rohbeck. This scholarship is renewable depending on the recipient’s course of study.


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