Access to marina restricted Sunday

STEUBENVILLE — The road to the marina will be closed Sunday beginning at 6 a.m. so Norfolk Southern can work on its railroad crossing.

City Manager Jim Mavromatis told council Tuesday the closing is “needed so (Norfolk Southern) can complete the repairs.”

The intersection was updated as part of the state Route 7-U.S. Route 22 interchange work completed earlier this year. Weeks after the construction barrels were removed, a train derailed, damaging the crossing.

“I know it’s an inconvenience but it has to be done,” Mavromatis said, adding, “They feel they can get it done in one day if there’s no traffic.”

The road is slated to reopen at 7 p.m.

Councilwoman at large Kimberly Hahn said the road could reopen earlier if the work progresses faster than expected, but residents should plan on it being closed most of the day.

In other business, Hahn called a recreation committee meeting for 6 p.m. Tuesday to discuss “things that have come up in recent weeks at the different parks.”

That committee meeting Tuesday will be followed at 6:45 p.m. by a closed door session, an exit interview involving the city’s auditing team. Finance Director Dave Lewis said exit interviews are not subject to the open meetings law.

Third Ward Councilman Eric Timmons, meanwhile, requested an executive session to discuss parks and recreation personnel.

During the public comment period, a city resident told council she’d been accosted outside by a woman who took exception to her leaving her two dogs, a shih tzu and a German Shepherd, in a locked car with the engine running, the air conditioner on and windows cracked. Smith claims the woman followed her from store to store, told her she was married to a police officer and then spread her arms wide to block her from leaving the area.

“Since when did Steubenville police officers’ wives start enforcing public safety?” she asked.

Mavromatis told the woman she needed to talk to Police Chief Bill McCafferty, who also must talk to the other woman involved as well as the dog warden. He told the woman the information she’d related to council “was not consistent with what was in the (police) report.”