‘Wheeling University’ is new name for Wheeling Jesuit

WHEELING — First it was Wheeling College, then Wheeling Jesuit College and, most recently, Wheeling Jesuit University. Now, it’s being rebranded as Wheeling University.

The school’s board of trustees on Thursday announced their vote to approve an official name change for Wheeling Jesuit University to become Wheeling University, effective immediately.

University trustees also voted to appoint Ginny Favede as the university’s new board chair. Favede was appointed by Archbishop William E. Lori and is currently the executive director of the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council. She is the co-chairwoman of Project BEST, a construction industry labor-management organization encompassing over 500 contractors and 6,000 building trades craftsman and apprentices serving the Upper Ohio Valley region.

“I can think of no one better to serve as our new board chairperson than Ms. Favede,” said Wheeling University President Michael P. Mihalyo Jr. “Her experience and vision — smart, balanced, thoughtful, and caring attributes — are the same values guiding our institution as we enter a new chapter of our university history in service to the students.”

Wheeling University’s new nomenclature and mission will be central to its goals for building meaningful alliances and providing students with a rigorous and rewarding education throughout the 2019-2020 academic year, which begins on Aug. 27.