Hancock BOE seeks to fill vacant board seat

NEW CUMBERLAND — The Hancock County Board of Education met for a special meeting to interview candidates for the empty board seat Monday night.

During its July 8 meeting, the board accepted the resignation of member Caroll Rosenlieb. In a letter dated June 27, Rosenlieb requested her resignation go into effect June 30. The seat needs to be filled within 45 days of her resignation.

The board members accepted letters of interest until July 18, and interviewed four of the five interested candidates following Monday’s meeting.

The individual filling the empty seat needs to be from either the Grant or Clay districts and their term will last until June 30, 2020. The board members are waiting to interview the fifth candidate before making an appointment. They plan to have an answer by the Aug. 12 board meeting.

In other actions the board:

¯ Approved the resignation of Weir Middle School English teacher Natalie Wilkins, effective July 19, and Weir High School math teacher,Deanna Marsh, effective July 23.

¯ Approved the transfer of Cara McMahan from third grade teacher at Allison Elementary to Spanish teacher at Oak Glen Middle School, and Victoria Raeder from sixth grade teacher at Weir Middle School to third grade teacher at Allison Elementary.

¯ Named Ryan Wells as the assistant principal at Oak Glen Middle School.

¯ Approved the appointment of Lauren Taylor as fifth grade teacher at Oak Glen Middle School; Tricia Guglielmo as Multi-Categorical/ Autism instructor at Weir Middle School; Andrew Bellevage as an English teacher at Weir High School; James Truax as an English Teacher at Weir High School; Jason Bennett as a science teacher at Weir Middle School; Kathryn Ammann as a sixth grade teacher at Weir Middle School and Denise Miller as head principal at Weirton Elementary.

¯ Approved Beth Sabbato as a substitute supervisory aide II-IV/AM 200 days for seven hours a day at Weir High School and Bobbie Jo Thorn as a substitute cook II 200 days for three and a half hours a day at Weir Middle School.

¯ Approved the district’s professional and service personnel pay scales, including the professional salary schedule, administrative pay supplement schedule, principal pay supplement schedule, extra-duty pay scale, extra-curricular and supplemental services, services personnel salary schedule for full or half time, and professional substitute.

¯ President Michelle Chappell thanked Superintendent Dawn Petrovich and Joe Campinelli, Hancock County School District chief financial officer, for their efforts to talk to the State of West Virginia’s legislators about policy 8200. She suggested additional communication with the legislation and the State Board of Education about opportunities of discussing the policy during the 2020 legislative session.

¯ The next meeting is 5 p.m., Aug. 12 at the John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center.

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