Airport zoning discussed in Steubenville

STEUBENVILLE — Jefferson County commissioners on Thursday discussed zoning around the county airport and the formation of a committee to study the feasibility of a public defender’s office.

Commissioners received an opinion from the prosecutor’s office about zoning around the airport. The issue was raised in response to a proposal to reopen the Crossridge Landfill. Greenway Reclamation of Garden City, N.Y., is proposing to reopen the landfill, make existing environmental remediations in exchange for the ability to accept a large amount of out-of-state waste.

But airport officials said an operating landfill close to the airport creates safety concerns because of planes hitting birds, which are attracted to landfills.

Commissioner David Maple said the county has to protect the asset of the airport.

Geary Bates, vice president of the county regional airport authority, said $40 million has been invested in the airport. The end of the runway is about 4,500 feet from the landfill.


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