Ogden running for Hancock County Sheriff


NEW CUMBERLAND — Citing a lifelong passion for law enforcement, Tommy Ogden has announced he is running for Hancock County sheriff.

Ogden, 49, is a 1988 graduate of Oak Glen High School and earned a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice from West Liberty in 1992.

He is an active board member for the Northern Panhandle Community Criminal Justice Board, serving a five-county region. Ogden is also an active board member for the Hancock County Republican Executive Committee, a member of the Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce, and past president of the Northern Hancock Rotary.

Ogden’s top priorities are preparation against an active shooter situation in schools, being tough on opioid abuse, and having an open dialogue with the residents of Hancock County. He desires a proactive relationship with the county Board of Education and to have a more active presence in schools, working with the BOE to bring programs such as the DEA’s Operation Prevention which reaches ages 8-18.

Being prepared for an active shooter incident in schools is paramount and Ogden states as sheriff he would schedule, in conjunction with the BOE, an active shooter training session as soon as possible.

“If we get that nightmare call, all of us from first responders, faculty, administration … right down to the food servers and custodians, need to know exactly our responsibilities,” he said.

Ogden believes the office of sheriff has the most ability to positively impact Hancock County, and he welcomes the challenge and opportunity. He believes the office should have more frequent and detailed reports on criminal activity with both the public and media. He wants to work with the county prosecutor to achieve stiff penalties against drug dealers and users — especially repeat offenders and those that endanger children.

Bringing back the sheriff’s reserves, in both numbers and quality, is another priority for Ogden. He states, “Reserves are a great breeding ground for future deputies, and provide assistance to our actual deputies with the more routine obligations. I’m fairly confident I can find the funding within our budget, and that extra manpower could help us cover more ground, like traffic control, working community festivals, parades, monitoring school bus stops and even potentially full school bus routes.”

In regards to national issues like Virginia’s Second Amendment debate, Ogden believes the next Hancock County sheriff needs to be a strong conservative leader and fully prepared for the issues.

“I pledge to use any and all authority vested to the office of sheriff to resist any attempt, by any authority, to impede our Second Amendment rights.”

Ogden is co-owner of Builders Wholesale in Chester and lives with his wife, Lori Edwards Ogden, in New Cumberland.


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