Rules for special events approved

WEIRTON — During its meeting Tuesday, Weirton Council finalized its plans for an ordinance establishing a permit application process for special events and parades in the city, as well as took steps to redefine the residency requirements for municipal employees.

Council voted 5-2 on the second reading of Ordinance 2133 establishing the permitting process, with Councilmembers Flora Perrone and Terry Weigel voting against.

The ordinance was introduced Sept. 8, with officials explaining it was an effort to streamline the process of organizing parades and special events. It establishes a $25 application fee, as well as fees for the use of municipal personnel and equipment.

The ordinance was amended by council during a Sept. 23 special meeting, exempting non-profit organizations from having to pay the fees and setting a $1,000 cap for all others.

No comments were offered on the ordinance Tuesday.

A proposal by Ward 4 Councilman George Ash to amend the residency requirement was amended on the floor.

Ash had proposed the ordinance to require all future hires for municipal employment be residents of the city, expressing concerns about individuals who work for the city but do not pay all municipal fees or taxes.

Ward 5 Councilwoman Flora Perrone; however, sought the amendment to instead establish a policy of requiring a 20-minute response time between an employee’s home and work site, citing similar regulations used by the city’s utilities departments.

“The water and sanitary boards already have a policy,” she said.

Both Perrone’s amendment and the amended ordinance received votes of 5-1-1, with Ash voting against and Ward 3 Councilman Fred Marsh abstaining. The ordinance must pass one more reading to go into effect.

Other pieces of legislation approved unanimously Tuesday were:

¯ second reading of an ordinance to place a yellow line three feet on either side of the driveway at 3188 Orchard St.

¯ second reading of an ordinance to place an additional Stop sign to the current sign on Palomino Drive at Fernwood Avenue reading “Stop except right turn.”

¯ first reading of an ordinance enacting and adopting a supplement to the city code

¯ first reading of an ordinance establishing a standard length for no parking zones at street intersections

¯ first reading of an ordinance establishing a residential disability parking space at 134 Schwartz St. for Jo Ann Conklin

¯ first reading of an ordinance to establish a residential disability parking space at 127 Estes Ave. for Salvatore Castiglia

¯ first reading of an ordinance rezoning 148 Marie Ave. from R-1 to R-3

¯ first reading of an ordinance amending the text of the Unified Development Ordinance Table 1

¯ resolution for an agreement with Pulice Construction, at $8,900, for the demolition of a structure at 3304 Cove Road

¯ resolution to renew the maintenance agreement with PTS Solutions for the city’s court records management software at $2,100

¯ resolution for a contract with Mobotrex Inc. to purchase parts for the fire signal on Main Street at $3,950

¯ resolution for an agreement with Valley Tree Service for the removal of dead trees on city property for $5,675

¯ resolution to place liens against real properties for demolition costs of $9,885.75 at 317 Howard St.

¯ resolution supporting Alternative 5A for new routing of state Route 2 through New Cumberland

¯ resolution appointing the Rev. Rudy McAllister to the City of Weirton Housing Authority.

(Howell can be contacted at chowell@weirtondailytimes.com, and followed via Twitter @CHowellWDT)


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