Elevator, gas lease and trail before commission

ASSORTED BUSINESS — The Brooke County Commission, during its meeting Tuesday, opened bids for a new elevator at the county courthouse, signed a gas lease for county property and approved funding for pavement of the Panhandle Recreational Trail. -- Warren Scott

WELLSBURG — A new elevator for the county courthouse, pavement of the Panhandle Recreational Trail and a gas lease for a small parcel of county property were among matters before the Brooke County Commission on Tuesday.

The commissioners received the following apparent bids for the elevator: $95,382 from the Schindler Elevator Corp.; $135,235 from the TK Elevator Corp.; and $15,000 for the elevator’s cab and $131,717 for the electronic system used to operate it from the Otis Worldwide Corp.

County Commissioner Stacey Wise said the commission will need to determine whether Schindler and TK (formerly known as Thyssenkrupp) submitted separate bids for the cab and electronics as well, so the bids were tabled for further review.

The new elevator will be funded with a $100,000 grant from the state Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority secured by Wise.

The grant requires a 20 percent local match.

The commissioners agreed to provide up to $10,000 toward pavement of the Panhandle Trail, with the stipulation it be used in Brooke County.

The trail extends from the Pennsylvania state line to its Harmon Creek Station parking lot near Police Lodge Road.

The funding was requested by the Weirton Board of Parks and Recreation.

The commission approved a lease with Southwestern Energy allowing the company to access natural gas from beneath a 0.34 acre parcel along Harmon Creek Road, with the county to receive between $300 and $400.

Commission President A.J. Thomas said the property was acquired by the county several years ago through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s buyout program.

Through the program, property owners of flood-prone property receive funding to relocate and the land is transferred to a government entity on the condition no permanent structures be built on it.


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