A problem down the line

Dear Heloise: For everyone who thinks baby wipes are flushable, they are not. My daughter experienced a plumbing problem, and her serviceman said it was due to baby wipes. — A.A., Staten Island, N.Y.

You are absolutely right. They may be “flushable,” but they muck up plumbing down the line. Don’t take a chance; a repair bill can be pretty expensive. — Heloise

Spring party

Dear Heloise: It’s spring, the perfect time to have a party for kids and grandkids, and it’s pretty easy because I plan ahead!

First, food. I get any information on kids’ allergies, if necessary. Pizza is cheap, I can add whatever toppings each child wants, and I can cut the slices narrow, so everybody gets to taste all the toppings.

A fruit tray is a healthy, colorful and fun alternative to candy and potato chips.

I like to keep decorating simple: I pick two basic colors for balloons and streamers. I tend to avoid licensed characters, like superheroes and princesses, because that adds to the price of these items.

For games, kids love pinatas, and it helps them work off energy! These hints help me make a fun afternoon for kids for a birthday party or any social gathering. — Robin M., Syracuse, Utah

Water bowl lift

Dear Heloise: I look forward to reading your column every morning in the Dayton Daily News. I have an old dog who has balance problems. When she drinks out of her water bowl, she either tips it over or steps in it.

I bought a dishpan, turned it upside down and cut a hole in it (my husband used a drill to make the starter hole for me, and then I used his tin snips to cut it) so that the water bowl fits. The bowl is at the right height for the dog. — Janice W., Kettering, Ohio

Talk to your veterinarian about what may be causing the balance issues. — Heloise

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