Put the cellphone on hold

Dear Heloise: When is it inapproporiate to use a cellphone? I’ve noticed in business meetings that some of our associates keep their phones on and answer them. — Tricia G., St. Paul, Minn.

Cellphones are everywhere but people seem at odds as to when it’s rude or inappropriate to check messages. Here are a few guidelines:

≤ Never text or talk on a cellphone while driving.

≤ Turn your cellphone off during a business meeting unless you’re using your phone to share a presentation or data.

≤ Turn off your cellphone at the movies, at live theatrical performances and while in church or other houses of worship, and in doctor’s offices.

≤ Don’t walk down a street, cross a road or sit down in a restaurant with a friend — or worse, with a date — while checking your messages.

For all other occasions, just use common sense and good manners. — Heloise

Divorce advice

Dear Heloise: Working in an attorney’s office has given me some insight on what to avoid when a marriage has broken apart. During a divorce, most people are hurt, confused and angry, but there are some things you should never do. First, stay off social media until your divorce is final. Settle out of court if at all possible — only your attorney will benefit if it goes to court. If you are having disagreements or arguments, never have them in front of your children, and fight the urge to bad-mouth your spouse to the kids. It’s really not a good idea to date someone new while your divorce is in progress. And remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. — A.M. in Indiana

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