Equal pay for equal work does not ring true

Dear Readers: Today’s Sound Off is about equal pay for equal work:

“Dear Heloise: Yesterday I discovered that a male co-worker was getting considerably more pay than I was for doing the very same job. He’s been with the company less than two years, while I have been here six years. We both graduated from college with bachelor’s degrees. Why and how can companies get away with this practice? Women’s work has always been undervalued, but this is clearly discrimination. What can be done about it?” — M.G. in Florida

Melinda, if you truly feel you have been the victim of discrimination at work, you can call the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at 800-669-4000 or the Equal Rights Advocates Advice and Counseling hotline at 800-839-4372. You also can go to www.pay-equity.org/info.html for additional information. — Heloise

Sour smells

Dear Heloise: If your baby’s bottle has a foul smell, try filling it with warm water and 2 teaspoons of baking soda, and shake vigorously. Leave it overnight. Next morning, wash as usual. — Bonnie T., Beaver Creek, Colo.

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