The elderly may need free meals

Dear Heloise: I read with interest the letter from a woman who commented on a letter about two elders reduced to looking for free meals to eat after a funeral service.

People should be more caring about the misfortune of others. I would have welcomed two strangers showing up who needed to eat at an event I sponsored. — William Hinton, Ruther Glen, Va.

Hunger in America is increasing, and some older adults have to skip meals or have smaller portions because they can’t afford or can’t prepare a proper meal. However, elderly people can contact Meals on Wheels (mealsonwheelsamerica.org). There also are local food banks and many churches that provide hot meals or know where a senior can get a decent meal. — Heloise

Freezer foe

Dear Heloise: Why does everything in my freezer seem to dry out? — Ella S., Klamath Falls, Ore.

Ella, keep your freezer at 0 degrees F. If the temperature fluctuates, it will cause frozen foods to lose their moisture faster, and they will become much drier and tough. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: As an interior designer, I warn people to avoid discoloring their kitchen flooring with scatter rugs that have rubber backings, especially on the no-wax flooring. The rubber will cause discoloration over a short period of time.

While scatter rugs in the kitchen look nice and add a pop of color, they can be dangerous if someone trips over the edge of the rug or if the rug is on a slippery floor. — Lana D. in Miami

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