The emergency information card

Dear Heloise: I made an “emergency information” card with information I hope I never need:

Husband: Cellphone and car info (make, model, color, license number)

Wife: Cellphone and car info (make, model, color, license number)

Pets: Names and descriptions (plus location, if caged)

Pet care: Prearrangement with friend or kennel to come pick up pets in an emergency — name, contact person and phone number

Family doctor: Name and phone number

Closest relative: Name and phone number

Closest friend: Name and phone number

Neighbor: Name, address and phone number

— Susan P., New Braunfels, Texas

Here’s a hug for you. Readers, hand out this card to a trusted neighbor, and customize your list for the needs of your family. — Heloise

Just ask

Dear Heloise: I know, I know — I shouldn’t carry a balance on my credit card. However, right now I do, and at a high interest rate.

I called the bank and asked if they would lower my interest rate. They did! It was really nice of them to work with me. — Anne in Pennsylvania

Off the hook

Dear Heloise: Another hint for microfiber cloths: My husband occasionally leaves a tissue in his shirt or pants pocket. If I fail to take it out before washing, I end up with little pieces all over the entire load.

By chance, I had a microfiber cloth in one such load. All the little pieces of the tissue had collected on the cloth. Wonderful timesaver! — Pat P., via email

(Heloise is a columnist for King Features Syndicate. Send a hint to P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, Texas 78279-5000, fax it to 210-HELOISE or E-Mail: Heloise@Heloise.com.)


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