Only a FaceTime away

Dear Annie: I have never written to a columnist in my 70 years, but “Sad and Somewhat Angry Granny,” whose daughter-in-law wouldn’t allow her kids to open any of the Christmas gifts Granny brought them overseas before Christmas Day, struck a chord with me.

What a wonderful opportunity her daughter-in-law missed to model flexibility, kindness and care. Those grandchildren, ages 3, 6 and 9, are perfectly capable of understanding the situation.

Perhaps next time they could FaceTime on Christmas morning, or Christmas Eve, depending on the time difference.

Granny was most gracious in not pressing the issue. She is a great model for her grandchildren. — FL Grandma With Grandkids in CA, MI, NY and NC

Dear Grandma: I am printing your letter to highlight these wonderful character traits that we should teach our children — and practice ourselves. Flexibility, kindness and care go a long way in leading a happier life. Your suggestion to video conference with the grandkids is great, and several other readers, such as the next one, wrote to offer it as well.

Dear Annie: This is a suggestion for “Sad and Somewhat Angry Granny.” I also have grandchildren overseas. My daughter has me on FaceTime when her children open presents or even just boxes of stuff that I have sent them.

It’s not the same as being there, but I still get to see and share their joy and excitement. My 4-year-old grandson says, “This box is from you, Grandma,” and my heart melts. In this day of technology, there is no reason to miss these special events. — Grandma G

Dear Grandma G: Quality time is priceless for grandparents and grandchildren alike. You reminded us that nowadays, we’re all just a FaceTime away, no matter the distance.

Dear Annie: It means a lot to me that you printed my tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King in your column, “Reflecting on King’s Legacy.” Thank you very much for allowing me to share my sentiments with your readers. I hope it interested others in learning more about Dr. King’s legacy. — John H.

Dear John H.: And thank you for giving us all the opportunity to reflect on motivating and powerful contribution of Dr. King.

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