Questions to ask new readers

Dear Heloise: My granddaughter is 5, and she’s learning to read. I like to sit with her while she’s reading and ask her these questions:

“Can you picture in your mind what’s going on?”

“What is the main idea of the story?”

“How does the story remind you of your own adventures?”

This is special time that we share together, it’s preparing her for school, and we definitely share a laugh or two! — Grandma Kaye in Florida

Put a ring on it

Dear Readers:

≤ Here in the Western world, the wedding set is usually worn on the third finger of the left hand. Why? Ancient Romans believed a vein from that finger led o the heart.

≤ The wedding band is worn stacked first on the finger, to be “closest to the heart.”

≤ New trend alert: Men wearing engagement rings. Made popular by pro athletes and actors, look for this fad to last.

≤ A diamond is not the only gemstone popular in wedding jewelry. You can choose your birthstone, your spouse’s birthstone or a favorite color.

≤ Finally, there really aren’t any rules. Your style is the guide! — Heloise

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