Reader vents over synthetic sheets, clothing

Dear Heloise: I read the Sound Offs, and I have one that has been bothering me for a very long time.

I’m speaking of the clothing and sheets that have combined fibers or are all synthetic. We are lucky to get one season out of these items before they start to pill and look shabby. I wish manufacturers would stop this practice, because everything is so expensive. What happened to quality? Ann Marie P., The Villages, Fla.

Pilling (the formation of small fuzz balls) happens due to fabric strength and friction. Synthetic and blended fabrics are most prone to forming those fuzz balls. You can cut down on pilling by using a liquid fabric softener, which will help reduce friction in the wash. To remove the pills, you can use a shaving razor or a battery-operated pill remover. — Heloise

Saving ties

Dear Heloise: I used to use a popular water repellent spray on my husband’s ties because he had a nasty habit of getting food on them. That product is no longer made, but there are other sprays that work just as well. This has saved us a small fortune. — Christine in Colorado


Dear Heloise: I kept losing my hair pins, small scissors, tweezers and other small metal personal-use items. Finally, I bought a magnetic metal strip used to hold knives in the kitchen, and attached it to my bathroom wall. Now I don’t lose them anymore. — Connie in Maine

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