The benefits of giving pets fresh-meat dog food

Dear Heloise: I give my dogs a fresh-meat dog food; it’s not the processed, dry food that comes in the big bag. My veterinarian likes the changes to my dogs’ health.

They have more energy, their coats are strong, hydrated and shiny (from fatty acids and omega-3), and the antioxidants and protein help to keep them healthy. — Leslie W. in California, via email

Leslie, fresh food is highly digestible and results in smaller stools. The food is digested correctly, and the nutrients are absorbed straight away. Readers, does your dog suffer from chewing and dry, itchy skin? He may be allergic to his food.

Have a conversation with your veterinarian about the features and benefits of fresh-meat foods for your dog. — Heloise

P.S. These foods are in a refrigerated case in the supermarket.


Dear Readers: Look for dog seat belts. They prevent the dog from jumping out the window while you’re driving. They buckle into your standard seat belt buckle, and they keep your dog safe from sudden stops and accidents.

Next — the dog paw washer. Used every day, it’s a silicone cylinder that you can add soap to, or just run the hose through it, and then wash the dog’s paws. Less mud in the house? Who’s not loving that?

Also look for dog licking mats. Suction-cupped to the tile wall in the bathtub, you add peanut butter, yogurt or cream cheese to it, and the dog is too distracted by licking the textured surface to be annoyed while you bathe him — an anxiety reliever, for sure. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: I love a kimono-style silk or chiffon jacket; it’s perfect for a cool summer evening. Many of them are designed to be flowy and open. Here’s a way to create a no-sew closure:

You’ll need a bangle bracelet and a hair tie or rubber band.

As you’re wearing the piece, lace the bangle behind both the right-hand side front panel of the kimono and the left-hand side. Then pull it forward a bit, just enough to slip the rubber band around the bangle.

This will create what appears to be a large button. The fabric will gather nicely around, and it helps camouflage a not-taut tummy. — Gail P. in Florida

(Heloise is a columnist with King Features Syndicate.)


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