Election spurred voters

No matter what your opinion may be of the results of this year’s election, the one thing on which we can agree is it got voters to the polls.

In an election when many of our elected officials continued to move to the right, the number of those participating also moved, jumping from the 30 to 40 percent range we’ve seen in many of the past elections to the 50 to 70 percent range, depending on where you look.

In West Virginia, for example, Brooke County has 50.95 percent of its registered voters head to the polls, while Hancock County saw 51.53 percent go to the ballot box.

Ohio County recorded a 60.94 percent participation from registered voters.

In Ohio, meanwhile, 67.5 percent of the 47,687 registered voters in Jefferson County took part in the election this month.

Compare this to turnouts of 36 percent in Brooke County and 33 percent in Hancock County during the 2014 midterm elections. That was said to have been West Virginia’s lowest election participation since at least 1950, so its a good thing to see such an increase in the Mountain State.

That same year, Jefferson County saw approximately 40 percent participation.

Presidential races, however, seem to always make the difference, and, for that at least, we are glad to see such an improvement in these local statistics.

It is important for citizens to participate in the voting process. It is one of the main ways in our nation that people can have a voice in their governmental process.

That voice can be heard better when more people are willing to step forward and mark their choices while helping to determine those who will represent us on the nation’s stage.


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