Get out and vote

The most unpredictable, entertaining, disturbing and one of the most important presidential elections is finally here.

Voters who haven’t cast early or absentee ballots will head to the polls on Tuesday. Polls will be open in Ohio and West Virginia from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Voters have heard more from the two presidential candidates than in any other race for the White House. Many already have made up their minds. The outcome will have long-lasting implications, regardless of the winner. Now it is time to go to the polls.

Jefferson County voters also will decide elections for U.S. senator, House of Representatives, state senator, justices of the Ohio Supreme Court and court of appeals, two county commissioner seats, sheriff and county court judge.

Voters in Hancock and Brooke counties will vote for House of Representatives, governor, secretary of state, state auditor and treasurer, agriculture commissioner, attorney general, state senator and 1st District House of Delegates.

Hancock County also has contested elections for county commissioner, circuit clerk and sheriff. There is a renewal of a levy for the sheltered workshop.

Brooke County has a contested election for 2nd District House of Delegates.

Jefferson County voters have 26 levies and issues. Several important school levies are on the ballot. There are also levies for helping the developmentally disabled and providing treatment to people with mental health or substance abuse issues.

A person can’t complain about the outcome if he or she doesn’t vote.

There have been ample opportunities to vote early at the board of elections, at courthouses or file for an absentee ballot. As noted in today’s edition, early voting already has seen record turnout in many local counties.

Polls are open both before and after most people work. There is no excuse for not voting.

Go vote on Tuesday. It is your duty as a citizen.


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