Waste no time in removing signs

Let us hope the energy displayed by candidates for office and their supporters in placing the thousands of campaign signs that litter our area is matched by their speed in removing them.

It has been impossible for weeks to travel anywhere without having one’s eyes assaulted by placards urging us to vote for candidates for office ranging from county-level posts up to and including president.

But when the polls closed Tuesday, the signs became nothing more than eyesores. Candidates and their supporters — win or lose — should waste no time in removing the signs.

For several years, local candidates have been gratifyingly responsible in doing that. By the coming weekend, very few political signs will remain in place.

There will be some, however. Unless someone tired of seeing them removes the signs, they will be left in place.

We recommend that local voters take note of those signs and remember the candidates they were used to promote — in case those people ever run for office again.


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