Making the nation the priority

The nation is witnessing the liberal left go through the stages of grief on the national stage.

In the immediate aftermath of the Trump victory on Nov. 8, there was shock and disbelief.

That quickly turned to anger, a constant stream of gallows humor at best and hurtful comments among people who used to be friends at worst.

There was a kind of bargaining, with many hoping for some kind of miracle in the Electoral College or Trump’s lawsuit deposition or the Russian hacking that would keep Trump from office.

With President Obama’s farewell address, it seems the grief has moved to somewhere between depression and acceptance, and that’s about right for this point in time.

It’s finally reached the point where the president had to say farewell, and he did so in Obama style Wednesday evening with a valedictory in Chicago that touched what he thought were the high points of his presidency, the work that needs to be done and the need to pick up the pieces and move on under a different president and different leaders with different views.

It was obvious that many are still stuck before the acceptance stage of grief, choosing to boo President-elect Trump and chant “Four more years” to Obama. To his credit, he silenced that all immediately.

His speech struck a good tone for the left. He didn’t take a victory lap nor did he wail and pound his fist like so many seem to do constantly on social media.

He sought a way forward for the left, and that is as it should be.

Sniping and fighting does not make the next four years good for the nation, and it’s time somebody put nation above self-interest.

Obama, at last, seems to get that.


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