Celebrate work, pledge to do more

The annual observance of Earth Day, focusing on environmental quality throughout the world, will be marked Sunday. In that context, Americans have much about which to be proud.

Of course there environmental challenges yet to be addressed. Many “brownfields” industrial sites, contaminated during decades of abuse, remain to be cleaned up, for example. But especially in comparison to much of the rest of the world, we Americans have accomplished much during the past half-century. Our air, water and soil are dramatically cleaner than they were some 30 years ago.

Efforts to protect endangered animals and plants have succeeded in some cases to the point the species involved no longer are in jeopardy. Better management of forests means more U.S. acreage is covered by trees than was the case a century ago.

In celebration on this special day, we suggest perhaps planning some down-to-earth activities. Make plans to put in a garden, or how about committing to take care of a few community garden raised beds. There are several locations in our Tri-State Area that offer just the right amount of space to plant your favorite vegetables.

How about taking more hikes or biking on our area’s many trails. You and family members or friends can view some of nature’s most beautiful wonders while also getting in some exercise. That’s a win-win.

Or perhaps commit to becoming more earth friendly by properly using recycling bins in our communities; plant a tree or two and help provide shelter for some wildlife and shade during the hot summer days; make a pledge to use LED or halogen bulbs to cut down on lighting expenses in the long run; or begin a composting bin in your backyard to boost your soil’s quality for prettier flowers and shrubs.

Again, it is true there is more we Americans can do to safeguard the environment. But Earth Day 2018 is a day for which we should celebrate much success.


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