Christian Center begins new chapter

After several years of work, the Weirton Christian Center turned the page to a new chapter Aug. 26, opening the doors on its new building.

The Weirton Christian Center has been a cornerstone of the community from its earliest days. With this new location, this necessary part of Weirton’s foundation will remain for years to come.

Currently, the center focuses on the city’s youth, with pre-school and after-school programs, including nutrition services, tutoring, computer classes and more to aid them in their education and their lives.

It started, though, with a goal of reaching out to many of Weirton’s new residents 100 years ago, in particular those who were new to the country. Immigrants were a growing part of Weirton’s population, and the Christian Center helped them to feel at home.

There also have been years of community activities provided through the center.

As it has supported the Weirton community through its history, the Weirton community showed its support in the construction of the new building. Hundreds of residents, businesses and organizations found ways to contribute.

We thank all of those who have shown support in bringing this new stage to life and thank the Weirton Christian Center for its vital services.