Easing the burden on businesses

Government ought to be a reliable, friendly partner to businesses, especially those just getting off the ground. For too long in both state and national capitals, that has not been a guiding philosophy.

Fortunately, the climate is changing in West Virginia. State legislators are much more interested in removing barriers to economic growth.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mac Warner is striving to cut some of the red tape. His strategy has been to ensure businesses comply with all the rules — but to make it as easy as possible to do so.

To that end, Warner this week unveiled a new electronic doorway between his office and businesses.

Called the “One Stop Business Portal,” it is a website that can be used by new businesses or existing out-of-state ones that need to deal with various filing requirements. It replaces a 15-year-old system that did not work well with newer electronic devices.

The portal, at business4wv.com, offers a variety of services on issues such as taxes, registering a business, even finding new employees.

Good for Warner and his staff. Making it easier for businesses to worry about pleasing customers than about dealing with government is essential if our state’s economy is to grow.