Celebrating our Catholic Schools

The annual recognition of Catholic Schools Week comes to an end today.

Based around the theme “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.,” the week featured activities, posters, contests, opportunities to help others and liturgies for Catholic school children across our region.

It marked a chance to celebrate schools whose pupils achieve high standardized test scores, schools that have average graduation rates of 99 percent and schools that send, on average, 86 percent of their graduates on to college.

As this year’s theme demonstrates, the area benefits from the lessons taught in Catholic schools through community service projects and other works.

Educators in public schools often worry about parental involvement, but there is sacrifice from families that make the decision to send their children to Catholic schools. According to the National Catholic Education Association, the average cost nationwide for tuition for an elementary school is $4,841, while the cost of a secondary education in a Catholic school averages $11,239.

The number of Catholic schools in our region has dropped, as the economy and population declined and costs increased. Despite that, the remaining schools continue to be centered around the spirit and values of a faith-based, family and God-centered education that is focused on achievement and service to something more than self.

We join in the recognition of those who continue to keep their faith.