Program teaches the importance of reading

Weirton Elementary School continues to emphasize the importance of reading, both to its pupils and to the community.

Monday saw the launch of this year’s reading program, now called “Read to Me Weirton,” with the announcement of “Charlotte’s Web” as this year’s book.

Literacy is an important skill for all of us, especially in today’s world, and anything which encourages reading should be encouraged. This program, however, is more than just reading a book. The youth are asked questions each day, and rewarded with chances for prizes for each correct answer, to test their comprehension and critical thinking. In addition, “Read to Me Weirton” encourages families to spend time together. Parents, siblings and other relatives are asked to spend time with the youth, and even read along with them, during the course of the program, helping them to fill out their reading journals.

Weirton Elementary has been organizing similar reading programs for the last several years, with teachers and staff decorating the school’s hallways, creating fun activities for the kids and finding ways to involve the community.

We thank them for their continuing focus on the importance of literacy as they encourage our youth in their education.