Make use of early voting in Weirton

Weirton residents who may not be able to vote on election day, or who may not want to wait in line, will still have an opportunity to have their voices heard.

Early voting begins Wednesday in the city, and we encourage registered voters in the city to make use of this time. The city’s early voting period runs through March 30, and all one has to do is visit the Weirton Municipal Building weekdays and Saturdays during this time. A voting machine will be available for you to cast your ballot.

While the majority of the primary election’s races will automatically move forward to the general election, and three — Wards 3, 4 and 6 — are uncontested, that doesn’t make voting any less important.

The race for Ward 1 council has three candidates, and there are five seeking to be the next Ward 5 council representative. The primary can still be an indication to the incumbents about the thoughts of the community.

Elections are one of many opportunities for residents to be heard when it comes to the direction of our government. They are how we can determine the path our city, county, state or nation will take.

There is much going on in Weirton, and much more set to take place in the future. The city has a role in ongoing development projects, relationships are being built with officials throughout West Virginia and in Washington, D.C., and movement is taking place on former steel-making property.

Whomever is elected should have the vision and motivation to see the city move forward.

Whether it is on election day itself, or during the early voting period, we hope to see Weirton’s residents step forward to give their elected officials input on the direction they should go.