Remembering our social workers

Social workers help people across all socioeconomic lines.

March is Social Worker Month, and a good time to thank those working the front lines of helping people.

There are about 680,000 social workers across the country, dedicating their life to helping others. They aren’t in it for the money, since social workers’ income is generally low.

Social workers help people of every age. They work from protecting children to helping the elderly.

Social workers elevate and empower people, giving them the ability to solve problems, cope with personal roadblocks and get the resources they need to succeed. Social workers also bring together individuals with other people, their communities, local and state government and agencies to address wider problems in society, including lack of affordable housing, hunger and equal rights for all.

Social workers contribute at all levels of society, working with individuals, families, schools, universities, non-profit agencies, corporations, hospitals and government offices to mediate conflict, foster positive relationships and create hope and opportunity for people in need, according to the National Association of Social Workers.

Social workers make a difference in the day-to-day lives of millions of Americans by helping to build, support and empower positive family and community relationships. For example, they work in schools helping students overcome obstacles to their education; they work in hospitals helping patients navigate their paths to recovery; and they work in agencies and organizations helping protect vulnerable children and adults from abuse and neglect.

Social workers spend their time problem solving on a daily basis. They also look at the bigger picture of issues facing society today.

But social workers rarely receive the thanks they deserve. Many people expect and demand the services of social workers.

Social workers probably receive more training than any other profession. Many hold master’s degrees. These workers are constantly updated on the latest research and training in their fields. There work is based on evidence-based research. Social workers are professional in every way.

Many young people today are burdened with the pressure to choose a career. Social work is a good choice because their work will always be in demand.

Social work is one of the fastest growing professions in the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts there will be 100,000 more social workers in the next seven years.

Take the time to thank a social worker for the help and compassion they provide on a daily basis.


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