Lawmakers right in nod to taxpayers

West Virginia legislators who question whether $50.2 million in “found money” ought to be spent on highway and bridge repairs might seem eligible for a world-record-level chorus of “boos.” But wait. They merit cheers, instead.

House of Delegates members this week voted to use the $50.2 million on roads. It is state revenue in excess of what officials had expected to receive.

But before the vote, a few delegates questioned whether something else ought to be done with the money. Delegate Tom Fast, R-Fayette, suggested the $50.2 million ought to be returned to taxpayers.

See. We told you the hesitation was worth cheers. Suggestions that government give money back to taxpayers are rare, after all.

But, as delegates agreed, bad roads are a major concern among taxpayers. The money needs to be used for repairs making up for years of neglect. As Delegate Lisa Zukoff, D-Marshall, pointed out, “I think this money is well-spent.”


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