Getting parents more involved

Ask many teachers what they need most to help students achieve and the answer will be quick in coming: more involvement by parents. Good for Brooke High School’s new principal, Lee Weppler, for making that a priority.

Weppler happens to be a 2002 graduate of Brooke, so he understands the school and, just as important, the community. Before being named to head the school’s staff, he served for two and one-half years as an assistant principal.

Asked about goals for the coming year, he told a reporter, “I want to increase parental involvement while still making this a safe and supportive place to learn.” Specifically, Weppler wants to see more parents at Brooke High.

Amen to that, for various reasons. One is that help from parents augments the efforts of faculty members. Another is that moms and dads who visit the school understand what is going on there and are more likely to “buy in” to its programs.

But enlisting parents to help and support their children at home is critical, too. Children achieve more in school when their mothers and fathers ask often whether homework is finished — and are resources to help make that happen. Weppler is right on target.