Congratulations Hall of Fame Class of 2019

Seven current and former residents joined the ranks of honorees in the Weirton Hall of Fame Sunday, and we offer each of them our congratulations.

For the last 11 years, the hall of fame has worked to recognize residents who have found ways to contribute to the community through the businesses, volunteerism, music, teaching and more. Their names are enscribed on plaques located in the Weirton Room of the Millsop Community Center.

This year, the hall inducted Dr. Eli Dragisich and Richard “Rik” Rekowski, in the category of public service; Brenda Casey and Robert L. Watson Jr. in the category of music and fine arts; the late Herman F. Capito in the category of business; and Stephen G. Greiner and Louis Kuntupis in the category of sports.

Their families and friends gathered to honor them during an induction dinner and celebration held at Undo’s in Weirton, with honorees or their representative providing a few remarks of thanks.

These individuals will now be remembered by Weirton residents, for years to come, alongside the likes of Victor Greco, Judge Callie Tsapis, E.T. Weir, Nick Latousakis, Kitty Kochman, Emily Horvat, Barbara Matey, Bob Trice and many others who have worked for the betterment of the people and community they have called home.

To qualify for the hall of fame, nominees must be either a current or former resident of Weirton, have lived in the city for a minimum of five years since 1947 and make their contributions while living in the city.

Each honoree, in their own way, has stood as an example of public service and we encourage all residents to find a way to share themselves with their community and have such an impact on others.