Welcome to the Ohio Valley

After six years of discussions, planning and construction, Pietro Fiorentini officially opened its first permanent manufacturing operation in the United States Monday.

We welcome the company with open arms and thank them for choosing Weirton to be their new home.

Pietro Fiorentini is based in Italy, bringing one more international connection to West Virginia. This new operation specializes in manufacturing valves, pressure regulators and other devices related to the oil and natural gas industry.

The fact the company worked for six years, negotiating with our local and state officials, shows how important it was for them to be here. They could have gone anywhere, and they chose to set up shop in the Ohio Valley.

We hope our residents, and others, take note of that decision and dedication, and we believe they will. This is one more indication of the bright future for our region. The Ohio Valley may no longer be known for its steel manufacturing, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t moving forward and Monday’s grand opening shows there is hope.

Pietro Fiorentini’s new facility, located in the Three Springs Business Park, represents a $9 million investment. That includes the installation of roads and other infrastructure which will be an asset to future development. That also involves the construction of a new 30,000-square-foot building for its operations.

In other good news, company officials have said there is room, and a plan, for future expansion of their facility. That will mean more investment and more jobs.

We thank Pietro Fiorentini for their confidence in our region and our people. We welcome them to our community and we look forward to many years together.