There are still young people who care

Tragedy often brings out the very best in the people of our region. So it has been with the death of a young West Virginian, Roane County High School football player Alex Miller.

Miller collapsed and died during a break between the first and second quarters of a game Friday night. What caused his death has not been determined yet.

But as news of the tragedy spread, school officials in neighboring counties sent grief counselors to Spencer to help the RCHS students cope with their loss. Other schools encouraged their students to participate in a special event Tuesday in memory of Miller.

Perhaps most heartwarming, football players from several towns in West Virginia and Ohio mounted spur-of-the-moment fundraising events to help Miller’s family. On Sunday, they collected more than $7,000, MetroNews reports.

How did the teens react so quickly? A good guess would be by using social media.

Why did they do it? Because more of our young people are deeply compassionate than we sometimes realize.

By all accounts, Alex Miller was a good young man — the kind whose loss we all ought to mourn. His passing was a severe lesson to young people that life often is not fair.

Their reaction -doing what they could to help — is a reminder there are lots of good kids out there.


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