Grant Brooke County school funds

Brooke County school officials were in Charleston this week, seeking state School Building Authority funding for an important project.

Many of the projects for which SBA money is sought are aimed at improving the education environment in schools. Brooke County’s request is much more basic.

Brooke Intermediate South School’s wastewater treatment plant has been a concern for years. Constructed between 40 and 50 years ago, it simply is not doing the job. School officials have to pay to have wastewater the plant cannot handle pumped out and disposed of elsewhere.

In addition, the plant requires frequent replacement of motors, pumps, etc. because the facility is so old.

SBA members are being asked to approve $518,385 in state funding, to be coupled with $25,000 in local money to replace the wastewater treatment plant.

As Brooke County’s application makes clear, the project is intended to address “critical student and teacher health and safety needs.”

Approval of the funding request will not make Brooke Intermediate South School a better educational facility — but clearly the money is needed to ensure the building remains healthy and usable. SBA members should approve the county’s request for funding.


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