Doing your part for honest elections

Unfortunately, the volume of political junk mail we receive these days sometimes makes it difficult to notice when something important from government arrives in our mailboxes. So keep your eyes open for something from West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner.

About 75,000 households will be receiving mail from Warner’s office. They are going out to registered voters who state officials believe may have moved during the past two years.

Getting in touch with such voters is required by federal law as a way of keeping voter registration lists current and accurate.

If you receive one of the cards, you will be asked to answer three questions about where you live and return postcards with that information. Doing so is important.

Warner and election officials in all 55 counties have been doing excellent work in updating voter registration lists. In addition, new voters are being registered at a rapid pace.

Honest elections require accurate voter registration lists. If you get mail from Warner, do your part to keep the lists accurate.


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