Women getting things done in West Virginia

Eight female members of the West Virginia House of Delegates spent three days recently on a whirlwind “Women in Leadership Country Roads Tour.”

Delegate Lisa Zukoff, D-Marshall, was among the eight.

Their goal was to hear Mountain State residents’ concerns and take new ideas back to Charleston for the annual regular session of the Legislature, beginning in January.

Zukoff put her finger on a significant obstacle to solving problems: “We all have to work together, and not just as women and, obviously, the other part of the Legislature, the men, but also in a bipartisan fashion to do what true West Virginians want us to do, not about what’s the political rhetoric … that we hear across the state and the country that’s dividing us.”


Unfortunately, the delegates were unable to squeeze in time for a visit to the Northern Panhandle. Zukoff can be relied upon to bring our special concerns to other lawmakers, both male and female.

As we have seen in national politics, many Americans are upset with partisan battles. They want to see things getting done. Let us hope Zukoff and the other women in leadership can make that clear next year at the Capitol.